Can you believe we’re like *this* close to a new Shawn Mendes album?! Cause neither… 🥺 – Before the new album totally takes over our lives next month, let’s find out how well you know the words to Shawn’s bop of all bops ‘Wonder’.

Try our ‘Wonder’ lyric quiz below!


1. "And tell me that the world will end up _______"
2. "I wonder, wouldn't it be nice. To live inside a world that isn't black and _____?"
3. "I wonder if I'm being real. Do I _____ my truth or do I filter how I feel?"
4. "Been dreamin' that you ____ it too"
5. "Of saying something wrong and never said I was a _____"
6. "Right before I _____ my eyes. The only thing that's on my mind"
7. "I ______ what it's like to be loved by you, yeah"
8. "The only thing that's on my ____"


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