Having shot to new heights with his recent single ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ Cian Ducrot is a young superstar on the rise. With his name becoming more popular, here are some key facts to know about this multitalented artist before he becomes the next household name.


Hailing from Passage West, Cork and splitting his time between London and LA, Cian’s beginnings came from achieving two scholarships during his school years to pursue his musical dreams. Firstly, attending Wells Cathedral School in Somerset before moving onto London’s famous Royal Academy of Music with a focus on flute, which has been the springboard for many a legendary name in its time. While he left his studies behind eventually to focus on creating his own original music, it’s probably safe to say that decision is paying off now.




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That’s not to say it’s always been easy for Cian, though. Struggling after his decision to leave college, he wrote ‘f**ked up all the time’ during a period when he was struggling for support and wrestling with his choice. Wonderland Magazine later referred to the song as ‘raw, melancholic’ pop.




Having signed with his “dream label” Darkroom/Interscope Records, he’s hard at work on his debut label album, though he’s released bodies of work through them in the past, including the heartbreakingly slow debut single, ‘’Not Usually Like This’ which came out in the summer of 2021. An aching single traversing the emotional release behind watching a partner move on to someone new, ‘Not Usually Like This’ oozes emotional gravitas in every lyric. ‘NULT’ was then followed with the emotional, anger-tinged ‘Crocodiles’. Based on losing a friend, it’s one of those tracks that most listeners would find relatable to some level, as Cian draws on his natural ability to speak to the universal experience of loss in the track.



His debut EP Make Believe served as a compilation of multiple past singles, with Cian reflecting in an interview that half of it was created ‘before he even knew he was making an EP.’ A creation forged primarily during the pandemic, Make Believe serves as a triumphantly ‘strange but amazing’ dig through his past discography. Described as ‘pulling from many moments’ across Cian’s life, it features tracks such as the romantic ‘Hello Gorgeous,’ the painstaking ‘Happier Without Me’ and the more upbeat ‘Chewing Gum’ alongside his May 2021 collaboration with Canadian artist Cate, ‘Know Me Again.’



Cian’s big break came in 2022, when he released his single ‘All For You’ which blew up on TikTok shortly after. A haunting, deeply romantic stripped-back piece of music, it peaked at number 19 on the British charts. Written solely by Cian, it was also a foray into producing after he composed most of the song on the piano in his living room. Simultaneously, he garnered his first chart-entering credit as a producer with Lauren Spencer-Smith’s ‘Flowers.’




His most recent release is the viral ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ which has been climbing the charts since the early period of 2023, despite being originally sent to streaming platforms in November 2022. It’s one of those moments that harnesses the power of social media to find the next superstars, and the song has now had over 48,000 duets on the app, while reaching an astounding 64 million Spotify streams.





Whatever happens in the future, it’s clear that this is just the beginning for Cian, and it’s going to be incredibly exciting to find out what he does next.