And we mean that quite literally…. crawled out of his grave into a zombie and back from the dead!

If you don’t know what I’m referring to, I suggest you watch his latest music video for ‘Goodbyes’ ft. Young Thug, that’s just surpassed 45 million views!

Let’s talk about on Posty, on stage and backstage! And how he expresses his goofy personality and soul through his fashion style.

While us kiwis suffer the cold, wet and windy weather this winter, it’s peak summer festival season in the northern hemisphere and Posty has been doing the rounds!

Quite literally doing the rounds worldwide, from Manchester to Johannesburg, to Delaware to Miami, to the Bahamas and to Portugal, he most definitely has been non-stop!

Always trying to be different, Posty has been captured in beautiful handmade outfits in each country, custom designed by Cathy Hahn. These rare, one of a kind designs are definitely not shy of colour!

Here are our two favourite outfits, which he wore just last week at Firefly Festival in Dover and MEO Sudoeste in Portugal.

Posty in his recent Vogue interview explains his attitude towards his fashion style, “I wear what I like to wear. I think it’s cool that I can try it out and figure it out. That may give people the confidence to wear whatever the hell they want”.

Although this may be Posty’s onstage look, backstage Posty can look very different. Before every show you’ll 9 times out of 10 find Post in comfortable sweat pants, no shoes and never too far away from a beer pong table.

Here’s Posty rocking comfort in style with a water gun tucked in his pants and beating Tyla Yaweh at “El Presidente”, a game the Posty Co crew invented backstage in Budapest, Hungary.

If it’s not a water gun tucked in his sweat pants, it’s a pink unicorn shirt and white cowboy hat combo.

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One from the camera! Great days in NYC

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Not only does he ROCK all of these looks, he’s also letting his fans know that you don’t have to be like everyone else! Couldn’t have said it any better than the famous line from the man himself , “Keep kicking ass”.

Let’s catch up again soon!

Album 3 is out next month who’s excited?

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