When the Jonas Brothers announced their comeback, everyone immediately turned into a 13 year old girl. *squeals* Since then they’ve released a new single ‘sucker’, which unsurprisingly sky rocketed into the Pop Charts debuting at #28 on the Billboard Charts. To celebrate their reunion, they took over the Late Late Show with James Corden releasing a video every day this week.
Thank you James and thank you Joe, Kevin and Nick for making our 13-year-old-dreams come true.

So according to the first video to kick off the week, James Corden was the one we have to thank for getting the band back together. Cheers James (and Dr. Phil)

Aaaaand this is ACTUALLY how they got back together…

How cute. Kevin’s daughter (weird to say) was super protective of her Uncle Nick when Priyanka started dating him. We feel you girl. We feel you.

James takes a trip down memory lane with the boys, looking at some questionable hairstyles and asking the age old question, why can’t Joe walk?

Can’t believe they drank bird saliva over answering that question…Just spill the beans Nick!

THIS. This is the video you didn’t know you needed. Watch the boys (+ James) reinvent one of their classics ‘Year 3000’ to ‘Year 2019’.¬†ūü§£

There were always going to be side effects of the Jonas Brothers reforming 6 years later. For example “Still having tonnes of minivans outside the venue, but now your fans are driving them.”

And of course, the week wouldn’t be complete without a classic James Corden Carpool Karaoke!!

Listen to their latest single ‘Sucker’ here:


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