October has given us the long awaited Lewis Capaldi album announcement and coinciding world tour dates drop. The album, ‘Broken By Desire to be Heavenly Sent’ is coming to streaming platforms in March 2023, and there’s no denying that it’s been a big month for Lewis.

But what’s he been up to on social media as a result? We’re here to scour the star’s online presence during October and find the best bits for ya, so staaaay tuned.



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Appearing in a Guinness documentary this month with bestie Niall Horan titled “Homecoming: Road to Mullingar”, the content has truly been full of gems – not least this sleeping Niall prank. WHERE did he get the suit though – could’ve done with one of these to give my pals a Halloween laugh. NZ viewers can find the whole documentary on YouTube now!




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Ah yes, a classic mom text. Think we’ve all worn awkward pants at least once so at least we know we’ve all been there.



Gotta say, he’s great at clapping back at those who don’t love his music but it just makes us fans love him even more.



@lewiscapaldi me every two seconds after listening to midnights #taylorswift ♬ original sound – Lewis Capaldi

Lewis? A Swiftie? Perhaps confirmed.




Only a few hours til we’re back in our beds guys xo #sleep

♬ Forget Me – Lewis Capaldi

Monday feels are perfectly encapsulated. Time to take another nap.



Ngl, this attempt at Wordle makes me feel better about my lack of a winning streak, literally ever.


Thanks Lewis for the relatability once again 🤪