There’s not a lot that we don’t love about our mate from across the ditch, Dean Lewis. He’s provided a string of hits that encapsulate a feeling we always want to come back to and his broody singer-songwriter aesthetic melts our hearts. To celebrate the star ohead of his debut NZ show in May, we compiled a list of our favourite Dean Lewis facts. Enjoy!


1. He’s from Sydney, Australia

Okay, we’re starting off on a bit of a weak one. It’s pretty obvious from the twang in his voice that he hails from Australia, but just in case you didn’t know…


2. Oasis inspired his career

After watching a live concert DVD of Oasis in 2005, Dean became in awe of the music duo. He thanks Oasis for inspiring him to pursue a career in music. “I spent the next five years watching every Oasis video,” he says. “Noel Gallagher basically taught me how to write songs.”


3. He started off as a sound engineer

Before he got his big break in music, Dean started off working behind the scenes. He worked as a sound engineer, setting up shows for other artists. Eventually the novelty of setting up other people’s performances was lost and Dean began wanting to set up a show of his own.


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4. Does his 2016 hit ‘Waves’ sound familiar?

Other than being a huge tune that no doubt wound up on at least one of your playlists, ‘Waves’ appeared in many different TV shows such as Riverdale, Grey’s Anatomy, Suits and Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. Despite each show having a different plot, the song was still the perfect fit for each which just proves how insanely good and versatile this track is.


5. His guitar playing is self-taught

Around the time Dean was soaking in all Oasis had to offer, he taught himself how to play the guitar. This was how he was able to learn his own compositions and write his own songs.


6. He has three brothers

One of whom, Sean, was the one to actually suggest that Dean should start writing and performing his own songs. The two wrote some songs together in the beginning but soon Dean kicked off his training wheels and sped into stardom.

Brother @seanographyy is back in aus after 2 years in London!!!!

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7. He has quite the sense of humour

Again, is there anything we don’t love about this guy? We love keeping up with the funny quips he posts on his social media accounts.


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Kiki Rockwell – ‘Madeline’


8. His dream collaborator is Noel Gallagher

The one half of Oasis is an idol for Dean in many ways. He’s gushed in many interviews how he loves Gallagher’s simple but effective songwriting and that collaborating with the hero would be a dream come true.


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9. ‘Be Alright’ tells of many different experiences

Contrary to popular belief, Dean’s 2018 smash ‘Be Alright’ isn’t exactly an autobiographical story of his own hardships. Even though his own heartbreak is mixed in, the song has pulled pieces of his friends’ heartbreak to mash up into one overall story. “The song is actually about hope and knowing that in the end things will work out by surrounding yourself with good people.”



10. He’s coming to NZ!

Dean will be headlining his first ever show at Auckland Town Hall May 3 and we, personally, can’t wait. More information can be found at Ticketmaster.