Ah Lewis Capaldi… whether you love him or loathe him, you’ve probably sung along to his smash hits ‘Someone You Loved’ or ‘Before You Go’ at the top of your lungs on the radio. From posting cheeky clapbacks to fans online, filling his camera roll with sex symbol selfies, and dealing with his newfound fame, he’s a stand-up kinda guy (and we mean that in more ways than one). If music doesn’t quite work out and he really is a self-confessed “two-hit-wonder”, then there’s no doubt his career as a comedian will take off. So on that note, here are ten times the 23-year-old literally made us laugh out loud.


1. His acceptance speech for ‘the UK’s fastest-selling album of 2019’ award

Let’s kick things off with a classic… you’ve all probably seen this before and if you haven’t the only acceptable excuse should be that you had no data. In what may come as no shock, Lewis’ debut album Divinely Uninspired to A Hellish Extent reached No. 1 on the UK Album Chart and became the fastest-selling album of 2019. And the ever-so-humble popstar had a few words to say about it. 


2. When he became an influencer

Step aside ex-Love Island stars and washed up YouTubers, there’s a new kid on the block and he’s got a ring light to prove it. This is peak Lewis comedy and it’s posts like these that made us turn his Instagram notifications on quicker than Usain Bolt after eating a bowl of Nutri-Grain. No regrets whatsoever.


3. THAT time he had to go out in Hollywood to buy a toilet plunger 

In his own words, “who builds a toilet in a hotel room that can’t handle two or three wipes of an arse?” Finding himself in quite a pickle, he documented his painstakingly hilarious journey as he ventured out on the streets of LA to buy something to unclog his fancy Hollywood hotel room toilet. Deserves his own reality show after this tbh. 


4. His “Scottish Beyoncé” marketing campaign 

It doesn’t get more on brand than this. Although this was likely a team effort – there’s nobody else that could get a photo of them wearing tinted sunglasses with their hair wrapped in a towel on a billboard in the London Underground.


5. When he realised he’d truly made it

Not sure if it was when his debut album hit #1 on the charts or when @BabestationTV followed him on Twitter… you decide.


6. His Glastonbury response to Noel Gallagher slagging him off

You knew this was coming. It all began when a clip of Noel asking ‘Who’s this Capaldi fella?’ went viral online. In true Lewis fashion, he responded the only way he knew how… by walking out on stage at Glastonbury wearing a parka, bucket hat, and Noel Gallagher t-shirt, with the video playing on loop. Noel later went on to call him ‘Chewbacca’, but it looks like the pair have since kissed and made up.


7. When he successfully predicted two very major events

Not sure if this one is quite a laughing matter… but he did appear to predict both Brexit AND the sh*tstorm that is 2020. Somebody get him a crystal ball asap.


8. That time he Googled his supposed net worth 

“You mean to tell me I’ve been kicking about in the same clothes for six months, and there’s ten f**king million quid sitting about somewhere? Where the f**k is it?” – Probably our reaction too if we were in the same position. We’re sure his New York wallpaper is lovely, though.


9. When he gave the haters a taste of their own medicine

Finding hilarity in absolutely everything, Lewis is a pro at shaking off the haters. So maybe think twice if you’re going to troll Lewis Capaldi – you best be prepared for a response. 


10. When he showed us the correct way to workout from home 

Three minutes and twenty-four seconds of pure entertainment. The ‘Before You Go’ Edessa remix may just be better than the original thanks to this DIY home workout video.


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