You can learn A LOT from someones home and J Balvin’s place is no exception. Very chill, very modern, and VERY gorgeous. Opening the door of his Columbian home, Balvin took us on a lil’ guided tour and we managed to pick up on some interesting tidbits!

These are the five things we learnt from J Balvin’s Open Door interview.


1. He’s inspired by Japanese architecture

Taking cues from elements of Japanese architecture, J Balvin’s home is a tranquil paradise and is packed with authentic Japanese bonsai trees and serene (yet minimalistic) designs. Balvin said “The whole place is a piece of art so we didn’t put art inside” and he’s right! I’m already feeling significantly calmer just looking at it.


2. His shoe game is next level

Amassing an INCREDIBLE museum of fashion pieces in the past decade, J Balvin’s snagged quite the snazzy collection! His closet is filled to the brim with an ocean of colourful sneakers (at least 850 sneakers! 🤩) and we’re SO jealous. Let’s just say we NEED him to do a full closet tour ASAP. I’m in desperate need of a closet overhaul.


3. He’s obsessed with his pups

Much like every pet owner, J Balvin treats his pups like the kings they are! Balvin’s got three adorable pups, Enzo, Paz and Felicidad (translates to Happiness in Spanish 🥺). Paz and Felicidad are both golden retrievers and both too cute to handle and Enzo’s the king of the house!


4. He keeps his family close

J Balvin’s definitely big on family! He’s constantly keeping his fridge stocked up and his BBQ at the ready for any and every family event. That moment when he said his Mum would ground him for his massive sneaker collection was too good! 🤣


5. He loves to stay close to nature

Surrounded by breathtaking Columbian scenery, Balvin loves to keep nature close (and who wouldn’t? 😍). He loves to maintain his indoor trees and his stunning outdoor garden. Balvin’s home is bringing all the calming and tranquil vibes! 


Watch J Balvin’s full Open Door interview on YouTube below!


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