Ah, Ariana Grande. Just her name paints a picture of softness and beauty. This is an artist that has so gracefully created a brand recognisable in seconds worldwide. The high pony and the boots are immediately paired with the angelic vocal range. In recent times, we also associate the notion of strength with her image. Through hardship, terror and loss, Ariana continues to be real with her fans, stay true, and handles the media in a way that can only be described as admirable. This is a woman that respects her influence.

So, it’s apparent, (timelines like this always give me the shivers) it’s been a whole 5 years since the release of her ‘My Everything’ album, August 25th 2014.

I remember, and please join me in the throwback, when these melts first came out. From ‘Problem’ and ‘Love Me Harder’ to ‘My Everything’ I was all… let’s play this album on repeat and daydream about my heartbreak. Don’t even get me fizzing on ‘One Last Time’ because I won’t stop. It was written about a sour relationship where he’s moved on but she doesn’t care – she still wants him to hold her. Despite the depressing storyline, it was guaranteed you’d take your headphones out empowered.

For the 5-year anniversary celebration of this incredible collection of music, we’ve put together 5 facts about it you may not have known about the album. Stay tuned.


1.The cover became a conspiracy theory

Not kidding. The front cover of the album is of Ariana sitting on a stool in a gorgeous black two piece and stilettos, with her legs tucked up underneath her in a way defies all rules of balance. The very position became a global talking point and fans all over the world tried to recreate it. I dare you to have a go!


2. She loved this one a load more than her last

‘My Everything’ was expected to be somewhat similar to her album ‘Yours Truly’ released the previous year. Not the case. Ariana said on multiple occasions she’d rather it be an evolution from her last album rather than an extension and she certainly delivered. This album played with new sounds and new collaborations, showing us she was indeed growing away from image of innocence she was associated with. She loved this album more because she got to try a whole range of new vocals and introduce a hip-hop influence on the tracks, working with artists such as Iggy, Big Sean, The Weeknd and Childish Gambino.


3. She very much treated the albums’ first fans

Ariana literally streamed an exclusive online concert for those who exclusively pre-registered to buy the album. The albums live-concert stream was held on August 18, 2014 – a week before its release. Fans who preordered the album through her website received an individual code to watch the concert online. Singing, dancing, hair whipping – the load of it. Did anyone get to see this? Seriously, I would like to know!


4. She sung ‘Break Free’ not about a boy, but about ego

Again, we love how real she is. Ariana didn’t have a boyfriend to sing about breaking up with at the time so she chose to sing about negatives holding her back, “ego, fear and all of that.” To be fair, I think these days those negatives are almost more of a relevant issue for us all.

Also a fun fact, the reason the music video was a super trippy compilation of star trek and futuristic-type stylisation, was because her and her mum were huge space geeks!


5. Problem was *this* close to not being released

So the catchiest jam on the internet wasn’t going to be released? Not sure how our world would be if it didn’t have this tune that was riddled with girl empowerment with help from Iggy. It’s apparent, Ariana wasn’t going to put this track on the album until she heard the final version. 438,000 copies later…. (and that was in the first week) here we are. We’re sitting at 3.8 million now team. Thank-you Jesus.

“When you do things and when you try things you’re scared about because you’ve never done before, the outcome can be incredible.” – Well said, Ariana.


Happy anniversary, ‘My Everything’!