5 Seconds of Summer visited James Corden last week to perform their new single ‘Teeth’ on The Late Late Show, but it was a game of Tattoo Roulette that made the boys nervous.

The rules were simple – fives boxes, five guys, four boxes with the word “safe” and one box with the word “tattoo”. The lucky (or unlucky) player whose box says “tattoo” has to get either “Late Late” or “5SOS” tattooed on their body, live in the studio. James Corden noted that Luke Hemming is the only band member to not currently have any tattoos, while Michael Clifford admitted to being the most nervous, even though he has the most tattoos out of all of them. One by one they all pick their boxes and reveal what’s inside, until it’s down to the last two… Will it be “5 seconds of summer and a lifetime of regret” or will “Late Late live on”? Watch the video below to see who ended the night with a brand new tattoo!


The group later returned to perform ‘Teeth’, with every band member giving their all to this epic, head-banging performance. 5 Seconds of Summer have stepped further in to rock with this track and it’s definitely one we want to see live.