If we ever needed another reason to continue to stan our Prince of Sad Pop, Conan Gray, we’re certain his cover of Lorde’s ‘Liability’ is sure to renew your stan card. Conan’s obsession with Lorde has resulted in HEAPS of quality™ content and hella relatable moments. So grab your glass of freshly squeezed OJ and let us recount Conan’s existence as the MOST relatable Lorde stan on the internet.


1. Literally his whole Twitter feed

Turning his Twitter feed into one big ✨ magical ✨ Lorde stan account (the best way to use Twitter tbh) is the most iconic thing ever.



2. His cover of ‘Liability’ (+ Reprise!)

Imagine covering ‘Liability’ and matching the pure emotion from Lorde’s original version. Because that’s EXACTLY what Conan did and we’re still recovering…


3. His marriage proposal

This sounds like a match made in music heaven! Can you imagine the music?? I’m just picturing ‘Generation Why’ x ‘400 Lux’ and it’s already putting me in my feels 🥺


4. He fell in love with ‘Pure Heroine’ as a teen

Conan’s obsession with Lorde (much like all of us) came from his first listen to ‘Pure Heroine’ and it’s blessed us some of our favourite Conan tunes!


5. His cover of ‘Team’

One YouTube commenter said “this is literally what you hear as you enter the gates of heaven” and we’re detecting ZERO lies here. Literally everything about this is *chefs kiss*


6. When he was all of us at Lorde’s concert

Becoming all of us in the presence of Lorde gave us one of our fave Conan x Lorde stan moments. Consider these tweets added to our massive list of Conan’s iconic Lorde related tweets! 😍



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