Ah, here we go… The return of 3am coffees and actually having to take your Airpods out to talk to people. Let’s all release a big collective sigh. While there’s not much that can be done about the stress which we all know UNI is about to throw at us. There is however one effective way of easing the blow… The magic of pop music. No professor (they all wish) in this world will ever be able to explain the universal joy it brings. From its replay-value to the control it holds on our dancing limbs, it is the ONLY cure for end-of-summer-sadness.

This is your sign to stop listening to classical music for studying and instead, let us rescue you with some tunes. For each day of the week, here are 7 bangers to help you get back into the zone and survive.



Overdrive – Conan Gray

It’s definitely been rough sacrificing beaches for bleak gray buildings. But thankfully, Mr. Conan Gray is anything but his name. As much we love ‘Heather’, Conan reveals that the emotional nature of the song often brought him down (god bless his honesty). Speaking to Paper Magazine, he says, “I really wanted to create something that made me want to dance around and feel good and give off some serotonin.” And thus, the banging birth of ‘Overdrive’. It is the perfect pop track to revive energy levels between classes. A much cheaper alternative than spending yet another $6 on a watery flat-white… We will warn you though, you might end up late to class from playing ‘Overdrive’ on repeat.



Love Story (her re-released version of course) – Taylor Swift 

Tuesdays should simply become a public holiday for Taylor. As if ‘Love Story’ could get any better, she proved us all wrong by rerecording it. There’s no better way to brighten up schedule than by listening and knowing, that hell yes, she most definitely owns all the rights to this version. How is the magic of ‘Love Story’ stronger than ever? Even 13 years after its introduction into our cultural memory? Perhaps some questions to ask in the next lecture… It’s honestly a little bit worrying that we can remember these lyrics better than our childhood… Oops, guess it counts as a form of studying right?



Rare – Selena Gomez 

Got a case of the mid-week blues? Let us recalibrate and bring Selena into the picture. If you’ve had a bad week so far, listening to ‘Rare’ will simultaneously feel like a giant hug from Selena Gomez… AND her giving an upbeat punch to whatever’s ruining your week. If you’re in need of a dance-break amidst studying, there is no better song for it. There is however one condition. Pay your full respects to this pop masterpiece by actually getting up. The song deserves far more than a simple head bop. Trust us, it will make Friday feel just that little bit closer.



Disclosure – Latch ft. Sam Smith

 With over 600 million streams on Spotify, this is nothing other than a treasure from the vault. Can you believe this remix was released in 2013? Maybe our sense of time has been completely erased with lockdowns, but its catchiness is dangerous. Thank god UNI’s don’t play music on their loudspeakers. Because if they played this hit, they might find students running straight out of class for the dancefloor… All at 1.32 in the afternoon… And if you’re finding your textbooks bland, pop this banger on for a little bit of spice. You’ll find yourself devouring those pages, under the illusion that it’s the weekend.



Supalonely – BENEE ft. Gus Dapperton

As soon as the opening beats of ‘Supalonely’ hit, you know it’s time to let loose. There’s a tried and tested theory (trust us) that if you walk/bus/train/run home from UNI to this banger, you’re going to be happy no matter what. It is the ultimate pop anthem, just close your eyes and pretend you’re at a summer festival. And wait, do you feel that? No, that’s not the weight of assignments on your shoulders, it’s actually the mosh-pit. Let the week’s worries slip away (as they should) into loneliness with this track and let the weekend begin!



Blinding Lights – The Weeknd


Could you have predicted this one? Well, hey, Abel calls himself The Weeknd for a reason. And let us argue our case. ‘Blinding Lights’ makes the perfect song for any type of Saturday. Whether one being spent talking L-O-U-D-L-Y to strangers in the bathroom of a party, or in a (slightly dirty) giant oversized t-shirt dancing alone in your room, this is what makes it the anthem of the weekend. No matter the situation, it is always a crowd-pleaser. It is sure to instantly put anyone and everyone in a good mood. And that is what makes a good pop song.



Easy – Troye Sivan (with Kacey Musgraves ft. Mark Ronson)

This version of Troye’s ‘Easy’ featuring Kacey Musgraves is nothing but pure perfection. Trust us when we say it pops off to the satisfaction level of a Sunday sleep-in… One where you do absolutely nothing except for some thumb exercise scrolling through TikTok. It truly is the simple things in life. This track will help you gather up your senses and get hyped for Monday. Who knew that was possible? God bless the power of music. Oh, and P.S, if you’re dreading Monday that much, use the music video as a vitamin supplement in the form of Troye’s mullet.


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