If you’re a fan of Haim then no doubt you’ve been in the never-ending queue to apply to become the fourth sister for quite some time now (I know I am). But it seems that spot is already taken. All it took was one dinner that turned into seven hours with Taylor Swift and they’ve been inseparable ever since. From red carpets, sleepovers, swapping clothes, and road trips to 4th July celebrations, group chats, waking up in Vegas, and whipping up choreographed dance routines, this is a friendship like no other.

Of course, Taylor has no shortage of BFF’s, but the Haim sisters have made their way into her inner circle quicker than it takes an ice-cream to melt in Auckland summer humidity. It was only a matter of time until they collaborated on a song, and ‘no body, no crime’ from Taylor’s latest album evermore is everything we knew it could be and more. In a recent interview with EW Taylor explained, “We can’t figure out why we hadn’t collaborated sooner. We’ve toured together, played live together, choreographed dances like we’re at summer camp, but it took a song about avenging your friend’s murder to give us the idea to take this step. Long story short, I’m the fourth Haim sister now, confirmed.”

To celebrate the release of ‘no body, no crime’, we decided to take a long look back at the underrated friendship that turned into a sisterhood overnight.


March 16, 2013 – Haim predict their friendship

In a now deleted misogynistically charged interview, Haim were asked to comment on “who Taylor Swift will date next” – and their response (the only right answer to a gross AF question) was, “come out with us, and we will party, and we will be together as girls and be merry and we don’t need guys! Girl power!”


January 23, 2014 – It’s official! Haim got the follow on Instagram

The true tick of approval. Later that same year Taylor also followed the band on Twitter.


October 29, 2014 – An online friendship blossoms

We’re doing a little awkward celebratory dance at this first ever interaction!


Unknown – When a simple dinner turned into seven hours

We must have missed some DM action because before we knew it, they had decided to meet up. And one simple dinner turned into seven hours of “just laughs”.


November 23rd, 2014 – The most important polaroid picture to ever exist




December 13, 2014 – Getting the invite to the birthday party of the year

You know you’ve made it into Taylor’s inner circle when you’ve got the bday invite alongside Jay-Z and Beyoncé, nbd right?!


December 15, 2014 – Bringing a whole lotta choreography and sexy back

Two hangs in one week? Definitely BFF material.


January 9, 2015 – Scott Swift approved

Meeting the parents already! Always a good sign for any type of relationship.


January 11, 2015 – Girl power at the Globes

Nothing better than a girls night out, as Taylor, Haim and Jamie King all hit the red carpet at the Golden Globes to support homegirl Lorde and her nomination.


January 23, 2015 – “THAT bikini photo”

Vacay! The girls jetted off to Hawaii and did some whale-watching, beaching, pap-avoiding and wore matching Bill Murray sweatshirts. Why? Because they can. It was also on that same trip that we learned that Taylor Swift does in fact have a belly button.


Feb 1, 2015 – Road tripping around North America

Rejoice! Taylor announced Haim as an opener on the North American leg of her 1989 World Tour. (Don’t mean to brag but I’m gonna take some credit for putting this idea out into the universe).


March 8, 2015 – International Women’s Day

Taylor, Haim, Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding all hanging out together on International Women’s Day? Please and thank you.


March 14, 2015 – When the “wolf pack” was formed

“Happy Birthday, Este!! Ever since you, Alana, and Danielle adopted me into your wolf pack, life has never been the same.” – Taylor on Instagram


March 19, 2015 – On the same wavelengths

This moment was too important not to add in.


July 4, 2015 – One of many July 4th parties

When you think of July 4th you don’t think of fireworks or turkey, you think of the A+ content we get each year from Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island getaways.


September 29, 2015 – It’s getting hot in herre

Haim wrapped up their run on the 1989 World Tour in style, with some choreography worthy of multiple flame emojis thanks to Nelly’s ‘Hot In Herre’.


April 16, 2016 – Bleachella

Another milestone for Taylor (attending her first ever Coachella), with Haim right by her side.



May 2, 2016 – The “your buzzcut and my hair bleached” night

So much went on this night that if you know, you know. And of course Haim were right in the thick of it. #GetawayCar


May 3, 2016 – The night after

Matching onesies?! If they weren’t already at level 13 on the friendship scale they definitely are now.


May 3, 2017 – Taylor returns to social media to support Haim

A social media hiatus will never get in the way of Taylor cheering on her faves.


June 24, 2017 – Danielle taking no BS from the media

Just cause Taylor is on hiatus doesn’t mean her friendships are.


December 1, 2017 – Wearing each other’s merch

Haim, of course, were also some of the lucky ones who received a cardigan.


June 6, 2018 – Yes, they are still friends

Taylor avoiding the public eye during the reputation era cast some doubt on whether they were still friends. But when asked during an interview with Grazia UK, Haim set the record straight. Also, did Este foreshadow ‘no body, no crime’?!

“Affirmative, we are still friends with her,“ says Este. “I don’t even know where the whole squad thing originated from,” says Danielle, “But we just saw her [reputation] show and it was great.” “Just make sure your phone is charged,” interjects Este, “You’ll want to make sure you take videos of everything. It’s like a feast for the eyes. She fucking killed it. She MURDERED it!”


June 30th, 2019 – Having each other’s back, always

Looks like Scott and Scooter could be next on Este’s hit list…


August 10, 2019 – When “Drunk Taylor” trended on Twitter

2018 and 2019 saw little Tayhaim content but we did get this cute gem. But where is baby?!


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December 11, 2020 – A date at Olive Garden every Tuesday

Taylor set out to write a murder mystery after becoming obsessed with true crime podcasts, and who better to get on board than Haim, “I had named the character Este, because she’s the friend I have who would be stoked to be in a song like that.”


Bonus – “Dude”