No doubt you’ve had Fearless (Taylor’s Version) on repeat since it came out. And it appears that the whole world has. It rocketed to #1 on both the Official NZ Top 40 Album Chart and the Billboard 200. A 12 year old album did THAT. But before we’ve even had time to truly digest it, is another re-recorded album already on the way? The Swiftie detectives seem to think so. And who can blame them? It’s no secret that Taylor is back in the studio. 



After making a rare appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, she wasn’t just there to chat about Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and ‘Hey Stephen’. In true Taylor style, she had an agenda – and Swifties believe she planted Easter eggs alluding to 1989 (Taylor’s Version) coming next. 



If you’re still exhausted from decoding the Fearless (Taylor’s Version) From The Vault song titles don’t worry – as always we are here to help. We’ve compiled a list of all the best theories (backed up by Swifties spitting straight facts ofc) on why 1989 is the next album that Taylor has re-recorded. 


‘Wildest Dreams’ could be the first song released

We know most of y’all reading this are diehard Swifties, so this won’t come as a surprise – but for those of you who don’t know, Taylor has recently teased a snippet of ‘Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)’ in the trailer for the upcoming animated movie Spirit Untamed. The movie is set for release on June 4th, so obviously the song need to drop before then.

Now, this next piece of information is as fresh as it’ll get – ‘Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)’ has recently become available on Shazam. When ‘Love Story (Taylor’s Version)’ was released, it had been added to the platform one day prior… 




It’s going to be announced sooner than you think… 

After compiling all of Taylor’s latest Easter eggs, Swifties have speculated that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) will be announced on Thursday May 13 alongside either a new From The Vault track or ‘Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)’. The song will then drop in full on Friday, May 14. 





All the clues leading to it being 1989

The literal mention of ‘Shake It Off’, the New York City reference, the photo of Stephen from 1989… all the signs are there! She also mentioned Dark Visions by Stephen King which was released in, you guessed it… 1989. She really ain’t mucking around.


From a business perspective, many of the singles from 1989, e.g. ‘Shake It Off,’ ‘Blank Space,’ and, of course, ‘Wildest Dreams’ are in huge demand for use in movies, and advertising. So the sooner she can license her own ‘Taylor Versions’ of these songs, the better.







There’s a potential release date

As for the release date of the album, the majority of Swifties are banking on June based on some quick mathematical calculations. 



If May 14th rolls around and nothing happens, don’t @ us 😂 we are just as much clowns as the rest of you. 



Which album do you want Taylor Swift to record next?



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