In what feels like possibly the best news ever, pop queens Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey dropped their collab ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ earlier this month and We. Cannot. Stop. Listening. The feminist bop was created for the upcoming remake of Charlie’s Angels and the accompanying video features our three favourite stars sporting angel wings and well … kicking ass. Here are all the things we love about the dream trio.


Girl power

What do you get when you combine three of the most powerful women in music right now? A totally female empowerment anthem. In each of their verses, Miley, Lana and Ariana hit back at catcallers and the male gaze and preach that they can be pretty intimidating when they want to be. All three stars even co-wrote their own verses, so you know each one is coming from a personal experience.


Those outfits

The music video is an absolute aesthetic masterpiece, but we’re not biased. Flipping a traditional angel on its head, the girls all wear black to show they’re seriously not to be messed with. Miley stomps around in shiny black boxing shorts and thigh high boots, dozens of gold chains weighing down her neck, and Lana shows us almost every outfit from all our favourite spy movies. The only one who dabbles in a white costume is Ariana, pairing her signature high pony with glittering silver lingerie to show that while she might look heavenly, she’s anything but.


Squad goals

In between shots of throwing knives and boxing, the girls share hugs and laughs and extreme power stances that have us totally jealous. It feels as though they each have genuine chemistry with one another and we love the powerful friendship. We’d give anything to be a member of this clique!

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A real spy movie?

Perfectly capturing what Charlie’s Angels is all about, the music video feels like a real life movie. Each star has their own alluring character that’s totally true to them and we see each one getting creative in their own scenes. It’s kind of a shame they aren’t the real angels because we’d love to see more of Lana dressed as a spy and throwing knives, but we’ll take what we can get.