First was Björk, followed by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, then last night, Ariana Grande became the fourth female to ever headline Coachella.
And she absolutely smashed it. Here are our top 5 highlights from the show.
(tbh the whole 1.5 hours was faultless but for the sake of the blog post we’ll keep it short.)

1. Surprise guests NSYNC.
Almost as soon as the performance began, Ariana wasted no time in bringing out her first guests…NSYNC! And what a trip down memory lane it was.
Sure, it didn’t really have anything to do with any of her songs, but c’mon its NSYNC!?

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2. Right There.
Ariana didn’t leave her day 1 fans hanging as she belted out songs from early alums My Everything and Yours Truly, including one of her first ever singles “Right There”.

3. Her beautiful second outfit.
Ariana had 3 outfits for her performance. All exceptional (as per), but our favourite was her second one. She looked like an angelic purple Princess Jasmine floating around like a butterfly on stage. Simply magnificent!!

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4. Closing on thank u, next.
After hearing the crowd chant “thank u, next” over and over again, it was clear there was no other way to close the show. Cue confetti, fireworks and matching pink blazers, Ariana definitely brought it home with this unforgettable crowd favourite.

5. Her backup dancers
We can’t end this Top 5 without acknowledging the insanely talented dancers that joined Ariana. *How we think we look dancing in the clubs.*

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