Welcome back to another edition of Ariana Grande’s Weekly Twitter Round Up. I know you are as excited as we are. Chuck on your favourite Ariana album, grab the popcorn and let’s go!


It’s great to see Ariana is still mates with the Victorious crew!! #Memories #RealFriends


Gotta love her honesty! (we have no idea what is happening half of the time either)


How cute is she though…❤


Everything she touches turns to gold – or breaks a record.


For real though, how funny is her Nonna… all in favour of her getting a reality show? Keeping Up With The Grandes?


Sit down, be humble.


We aren’t quite sure what Ariana means by this….But it’s a big mood.


She is the most humble, appreciative, amazing, giving, loving person EVER. Adopt us Ariana!!