In a series of Instagram tiles (and later in a tweet), Ariana Grande released the full track listing for her 5th album set for release on February 8th.

But we’ve got friends in high places, we managed to get a hold of the album lyric sheet (or we just made up a whole bunch of our own meanings – you decide…)


This is the first promotional single from the album and is about an unattainable love that will forever be unreachable (we’re actually serious about this one.)


This track is dedicated to all the boyfriends of Instagram, who without, many girls would not have all their #OnFleek Instagram pictures. They’re the real MVP’s.


Incase you weren’t aware, before Ariana got into music seriously she actually worked part time for NASA as the Space Station’s receptionist. This song is about her dreams of moving up the ranks and becoming a full-time astronaut. Sadly that dream was only ever a dream, as she discovered she could sing and went down a different path. #DreamsAreFree


Everyone knows how important Ariana’s mum and grandma are to her, so this song is dedicated to the amazing woman in her bloodline. A family of #Qweens


fake smile
You know when you’re in a store and you get below average customer service but you still have to be polite and put on a fake smile because that’s how your momma raised you. This song is about that.


bad idea
Sometimes we don’t always make the right decisions. This one is about that feeling of instant regret you get when you realise you ordered the wrong meal at a restaurant, and your friend’s looks so much better. A feeling we can all relate to.


make up
This is an ad for Ariana’s latest make up line in collaboration with Kmart Cosmetics. #ad #sponsored #post


Ariana wrote this track about a time in her childhood when she and her parents moved into an abandoned house which happened to be occupied by three mischievous ghosts and one friendly one. Ariana befriended the friendly ghost, named Casper, and this track details the adventures of the pair.


in my head
This is a cover of Jason Derulo’s 2009 smash hit ‘In My Head’.


7 rings
This song was originally meant to be about all of the engagement rings Ariana has turned down. However after her manager advised against it she decided to change it to a massive hype song about how rich she is.


thank u, next
Unless you live under a rock you’ll already know this one. If you don’t, we’re not angry, just disappointed.


break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored 
This one is pretty self explanatory…Naughty Ariana!


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