She’s done it again, folks. BENEE’s catchy tunes are just too much to resist for TikTokers, and this time it’s to the sounds of her bubbly hit ‘Supalonely’.

The track is currently included in over 80,000 videos on TikTok, with the majority all copying the dance started by this girl…




YouTuber Emma Chamberlain jumped on board the trend a couple days ago and did her own post to be shared with her massive following of 4 million TikTokers.

As far as we can tell, 60,000 of the videos popped up on Tik Tok in the days after Emma’s post.


@emmachamberlaincops called


Thanks to Emma, this internet has caught fire with everyone wanting to do the Supalonely dance. Kiwi’s – are you on board yet??

Check out some of our favourite videos of the challenge below!