BLACKPINK arrived in a big way in August 2016 with their first songs “Boombayah” and “Whistle.” Ever since, the K-pop act has released hit after hit, building up a dedicated following of BLINK fans across the globe. With each successive release, they’ve shown how a girl group can absolutely dominate with dramatic hip-hop and electronica-infused pop. Fierce and fashion-forward, they’ve become one of the biggest acts in the world in their brief tenure together.

Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo have primarily put out singles and EPs throughout their career, but their first LP, fittingly named The Album, arrived in October 2020. It was preceded by the MTV VMA’s “song of the summer,” “How You Like That,” and the Selena Gomez collab “Ice Cream,” and ultimately revealed hits like “Lovesick Girls” and “Pretty Savage” with Cardi B.


The Exclamations

One of the most defining characteristics of BLACKPINK’s songs are the chanty choruses and declarative call outs. The initial one-two punch of “Boombayah” and “Whistle” set the template, built around addictive refrains that overflow with charisma. Whether it was onomatopoeic trap like “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” the simple taunts of “How You Like That” and “Whistle,” or the Italo disco ebullience of “As If It’s Your Last,” it’s impossible not to sing and dance along to these BLACKPINK classics.


Sweet Collabs

Lady Gaga. Dua Lipa. Selena Gomez. They’re some of the biggest pop diva icons around. They’ve also all collaborated with BLACKPINK.

Whether it’s the rhythmic demands of “Kiss & Make Up” with Dua Lipa, the hypnotizing retro-pop vibes of Lady Gaga’s “Sour Candy,” or the breezy flirtiness of the Ariana Grande co-penned-“Ice Cream” with Selena, each of these songs have not only introduced BLACKPINK to that respective artist’s audience, but have also served up saccharine earworms that deliver mightily on the promise of the collaboration.

Fierce & Fiery

Though they have their softer moments on songs like “Stay” and “Hope Not,” BLACKPINK is a K-pop act for those who are looking for a motivational boost. Want to send an ex off with style? The boisterous clap-happy flare of “See U Later” is for you. Ready to rise to the top? The penultimate build of “Kick It” propels the song to become a fun self-love anthem. Ever felt the dangerous flames of romance and want to simply run right toward them? Try the rambunctiously sassy vibes of “Playing with Fire” and the murderous feels of “Kill This Love.”


Girls Out Loud

As of October 2021, three of Blackpink’s members have released their own individual tracks, each one showing off her distinct charms and personality. Between Jennie’s independent “Solo,” Rosé’s aspirational “On the Ground,” and Lisa’s self-love “Lalisa,” the trio of solos bring the most Black and Pink sides of the K-pop icons.




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