In the words of Taylor Swift, there’s “not a lot going on at the moment”… or is there?! Initially believing that her surprise eighth studio album folklore was an only child, it now has a younger sister named evermore. But who is she?! In true Swift fashion, the carefully executed Easter eggs were right in front of our eyes the whole time. You’d think after over a decade Swifties would be getting good at this by now, but once again we underestimated the power of Taylor’s love to screw with us.

Just like we did with folklore, here’s a breakdown of all the Easter eggs you might have missed about evermore – because there’s nothing trickier than trying to tie up an invisible string of clues left behind by one of our generations most prolific songwriters. 


Not a lot going on at the moment 




The willow tree painting 

Just to reiterate — RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES.



THAT french braid

Not gonna lie, we all thought it was weird af when Taylor did a 180 spin before her Artist of the Year AMAs speech — but did we question it? No. May as well get “rookie” tattooed on our wrists instead of “Fearless” at this point. 



The nine tree emojis 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

To be fair, the internet picked up on this one, but we assumed another folklore music video was coming. Little did we know… 



‘Tis the damn season!

It’s clownery like this why I keep my therapist on speed dial. 



The “wreckmyplans” merch code

Swifties really dropped the ball on this one…



The folklore references in the willow music video 

In her YouTube Q&A, Taylor revealed that there were scenes that referenced ‘seven’, ‘mirrorball’, ‘exile’, and ‘mad woman’.



The video kicks off with an easy one; picking up exactly where the ‘cardigan’ music vid left off – which in itself could also reference the lyric “I think I’ve seen this film before” from ‘exile’. The flashback scene to childhood years represents ‘seven’ and the glass box refences Taylor’s constant battle with fame, a theme delicately covered in ‘mirrorball’. 


This Easter egg is almost a decade old

Speak Now fans make some noise! Maybe one of the best Easter eggs OF. ALL. TIME. At this stage we wouldn’t be surprised if she had left one or two fresh out of the womb.



William Bowery is BACK

Rejoice! This one was swiftly worked out in a matter of minutes by Toe stans and Taylor finally confirmed our suspicions in “folklore: the long pond studio sessions.” 



After adding his touch to both ‘betty’ and ‘exile’ on folklore, this time Taylor’s boyfriend Joe Alwyn plays the piano on self-titled track ‘evermore’ and lends his songwriting abilities on ‘champagne problems’ and ‘coney island’.


‘Dorothea’ is about Selena Gomez???

Read this thread immediately and try convince yourself otherwise. It’s the “you’rе a queen sellin’ dreams, sellin’ makeup and magazines” line for me.



Unrelated to the Taylena theory but Taylor also explained that “Dorothea went to the same school as Betty, James and Inez,” which is so wholesome we thought you should know.


Title-track ‘evermore” has a Cats reference and we furreal don’t mean Meredith, Olivia or Benji…

You know that motion capture movie released late last year that people have been constantly trying to erase from their memory (see what we did there?), seems like Taylor has been trying to do the same. 


‘evermore’ also appears to be inspired by American poet Emily Dickinson

This one could be a reach, considering Taylor almost dropped evermore on December 18th but either way – happy belated birthday, Emily Dickinson! 



‘marjorie’ is about Taylor’s grandmother

Just like track 13 on folklore was an ode to Taylor’s grandfather, track 13 ‘marjorie’ on evermore is a tribute to her grandmother opera singer Marjorie Finlay. She is also credited for singing backing vocals on the track.




‘cowboy like me’ also has a special guest on backing vocals

Swifties could put the FBI out of a job on this one. The “mystery singer” on background vocals on ‘cowboy like me’ is none other than Mumford and Sons’ Marcus Mumford! Fans had speculated that Taylor had been working with him after she was caught filming a video in his home studio.



JUST IN: Taylor herself has disproved the woodvale trilogy album theory

Proving that she is human after all, Taylor revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she did in fact make a “mistake” by accidentally leaving fake code name woodvale on one of the folklore album covers. In response to Jimmy asking if there was a third album she said, “I’m so tired. I’m so exhausted. I’ve tired myself out. I have nothing left”, and if that’s not a phat mood for 2020 then we don’t know what is.



Thank you Taylor for bringing a little magic to our lives in a year we’d rather forget!



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