It’s been just over a year now since the Jonas Brothers reunited and what a phenomenal jam-packed year it’s been. From hitting the top of the charts, releasing their fifth studio album ‘Happiness Begins’ and going on tour, it’s been non-stop moments of nostalgia with devoted fans old and new making memories to last a lifetime. 

The brothers getting the band back together six years later is truly the best gift they could have given to us, but as always, they have gone above and beyond to give back to their fans in more ways than one. So we have compiled a list below for your stanning pleasure, try to get through it without smiling or tearing up… 😘


Crashing fans ‘Happiness Continues’ watch parties on Zoom

To celebrate the release of their concert film ‘Happiness Continues’ Kevin, Joe, and Nick sniffed out fans Zoom codes on social media and gate-crashed their calls. Social distancing at it’s finest!

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Zoom Crashers: The Recap 😎 #HappinessContinues

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Flew superfans out to LA to tell them about their reunion 4 days before it was announced

Um… GOALS!!!!! Imagine being one of the very first people in the world to hear the news?! The trust that they have in their fans to hold in a secret THAT huge for 4 days is the visual representation of this emoji 🥺. 


When they re-created an iconic scene from Camp Rock on TikTok because everyone was pining for it…

Okay, basically all of their TikTok’s slap!


Visiting a fan in the hospital who had to miss their show 💖

Jonas Brother superfan Lily Jordan had to miss her Happiness Begins concert date due to urgent chemotherapy treatment. So, the boys surprised her in her hospital room, “we saw your message, and we had to come over,” – Joe. Lowkey crying rn.


Surprising (or scaring?!) fans on The Ellen Show

This video is 5 minutes of pure joy.


Jumping on fans Instagram Lives

After getting your wisdom teeth removed you’d think you were straight-up tripping but no, that was in fact real life 😂


Busking with fans on the street

What does Joe Jonas do when he sees fans busking on the street singing their songs? Stop and join in of course.


Asking fans up on stage to propose 💍

WOW. Anyone else feeling super single right now???


Let fans release an official video for ‘What A Man Gotta Do’

NBD, just a bunch of fans chilling on the JoBros official YouTube page. BEST. FANDOM. EVER.


Invited fans to watch the ‘What A Man Gotta Do’ video early with them

By now these guys could write “sneaking up behind fans to surprise” them as one of the skills on their resume.



Meeting fans every single night on tour

Take a shot every time the Jonas Brothers say how much they love their fans 😭 They truly always go the extra mile to make sure they read every story and meet every fan they possibly can. 



Mentioning one of their biggest fans of all time in a song lyric

It’s no secret that Posty is a massive JoBros fan after shouting them out in his song ‘Better Now’ with the lyrics, “rollin’ with my brothers like it’s Jonas, Jonas”. And they returned the favour in their song ‘Cool’ singing “Oh, I feel like Post Malone when I get home”. Bromance at it’s finest, we only hope this saga continues 🥰🤞