Its Shawn Mendes’ world and we are just living in it. A simple visit to the beach or taking his dog Tarzan for a walk becomes a headline. So when he puts out a new song, it’s safe to say the Mendes Army loses their minds.

It’s been a whirlwind few years for the Canadian crooner. Just over a year ago he released Wonder, dropped a movie documentary, and is now about to embark on yet another World Tour (fingers crossed NZ is next on the list). And if that wasn’t enough, he’s already put out two new singles just in time for summer. So we can’t help but sense that a release date for his fifth studio album is on the tip of his tongue? Let’s investigate.



He’s been in the studio…

He’s kept things pretty quiet about any album news – l i t e r a l l y. Shawn has been teasing fans by uploading viral videos of him dancing to new music in the studio on mute. One of the Instagram captions reads, “Dying for you guys to hear this but Andrew [his manager] won’t let me. Spam him. Lol.”


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He also shared another series of short clips just one month later, proving that he’s been putting in the mahi. Another possible new song? Only time will tell!



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It’s been a ‘Summer of Love’

Back in August we got our first taste of these recent studio sessions signalling in a new era with hot track, ‘Summer of Love’. The bright, sizzling bop is a sweet kiss to the forehead detailing the time Shawn spent reuniting with old friends, finding remedies in “meditation and tequila,” and being “tangled in the sheets until the evening” with ex-Senortia Camila Cabello.

Speaking about the song to Sirius XM Shawn said, “Camila [Cabello] and I were just in Miami for a couple of months. And time was kind of stopped and it really just felt like we were like kids again, you know? It was just a beautiful couple of months just where everything was stopped. And we were able to just find ourselves and it was a beautiful kind of time.”


His obsession with music has hit a whole new level

Following the success of Wonder, Shawn has found himself a new best friend (sorry Brian), his guitar. The self-confessed workaholic explained on the Spout. podcast back in September, “the real reality is, that I struggle to put down the guitar and I struggle to figure out what to do besides my job and besides music. I’m just completely obsessed with it,” Safe to say that the tunes are flowing out of him. Enough to fill a whole new album? Surely he can’t be far off…


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His obsession with Niall has hit a whole new level

It’s the bromance of our dreams that is actually a reality. Every day we are grateful that these two slid into each others DMs. Maybe one day they’ll actually write this collab that they’ve been talking about for years. But only after they’ve played golf, shared a bevvie and gone to another football match of course.


‘It’ll Be Okay’ because Shawn released another single

Cancel your next therapy session because Shawn Mendes is here to cradle you in his big luscious arms and wipe your tears away. The melancholic piano breakup track ‘It’ll Be Okay’ is a far departure from electronic first single ‘Summer Of Love’. So much so, that he swaps a red convertible dripped in sunlight for the dimly lit backstreets of his hometown Toronto in snowfall. If these two songs are any indication of what’s to come for his fifth studio album, we can expect themes of both love and loss in a sonic palette that’s sure to make us reflect on every past relationship we’ve ever had – yup, even the ones that only lasted fourteen business days.


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