What a year it’s been living in Lewis Capaldi’s world. As well as dominating the charts and all that jazz, the Scottish star has provided possibly the best entertainment of the entire year with his multiple shenanigans. From his best Instagram stories to his beef with Noel Gallagher, we list all of our favourite Lewis moments from the year.


His acceptance speech for earning the fastest-selling album of 2019

In what may come as no shock at all, Lewis’ debut album Divinely Uninspired to A Hellish Extent shot to number 1 on the Official UK Albums Chart and became the fastest-selling album of 2019 (at the month of May). And humble, ever-so-grateful Lewis Capaldi had a few words to say about it.


His billboard in the London Underground that advertised his album

To announce the drop of his debut album, Lewis casually put up a massive billboard in the London Underground that really showcased who he was as an artist. Which, of course, is the Scottish Beyoncé. Not to be dramatic or anything, but “the debut Capalbum’ has got to be the greatest joke of all time.


His bromance with Niall Horan

In what just may be the first step to world peace, Lewis and Niall Horan have really showcased their friendship this year. Whether they’re participating in adorable friendship videos, or Lewis is mocking Niall’s music, we love every second of it and so, so wish we could join in. The two even announced in October that they were going on tour together around North America. Fingers crossed they just stop on down here too.


His hilarious Glastonbury entrance

Earlier this year, a clip from an interview with Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher went viral when the star didn’t know who the hell Lewis Capaldi was. When Lewis caught wind of this, as you can expect, he handled it very maturely. Entering the stage at Glastonbury with a looped clip of Noel saying “who’s this Capaldi fella?,” Lewis strutted onstage dressed as Noel before shredding his parka to reveal a shirt with Noel’s face on it. The two have since met and Noel now knows exactly who the hell Lewis Capaldi is, but we can’t help but still laugh at the whole ordeal.

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Speaking of which, that Glastonbury performance was pretty good too

With all the jokes and hilarity aside, Lewis has some serious chops on him and he certainly didn’t hold back with his Glastonbury set. The emotional hits from his album were shouted back to him by the massive crowd, with Lewis in utter disbelief that he was even on the stage in the first place. He then came back for a surprise acoustic set on the BBC Introducing stage and sang the hit that everybody came to hear, ‘Someone You Loved.


The time he couldn’t believe his net worth

In one of his best relatable moments, Lewis lays down the law by letting us know that celebrity net worths aren’t always true. Example A: Lewis is surprised to find out that he’s worth $10 million when he hasn’t seen a cent of it. The series of Instagram stories is absolutely hilarious. Watch it below.


When he became America’s Sweetheart

Following ‘Someone You Loved’ rising up the US charts, Lewis posted several American related costumes to his socials before reaching the final frontier – the number one song in the US. The new and official title of America’s Sweetheart came with a USA flag face paint and custom Lewis Capaldi America’s Sweetheart shirts.


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The time he joined James Bay onstage

At his show at the London Palladium in May, James Bay brought out Lewis for a duet of the hit ‘Let It Go’ before they tumbled right into Lewis’ ‘Someone You Loved.’ The pair’s voices are the perfect match and it really is one of the best live performances we’ve seen this year. For these two not to release a song together in 2020 would be the biggest tragedy.


When he went back to his hometown

In the hilarious Vevo LIFT video, Lewis travels back to his hometown of Bathgate, Scotland and reassures that he’s exactly the same guy as he was when he left. Donning his trademark tracksuit and sunnies, he takes us to all of his favourite places growing up and certainly doesn’t let the fame get to his head.


His ‘New Music Friyay’ Playlist

It’s the ‘SPECIAL EXTRA SEXY EDITION’ too, apparently. The description reads ’10 of my favourite tunes from Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists updated every Friday!’, and yet – the playlist looks like this….


Basically his entire 2019 was pretty great…


Lewis Capaldi – never change.