It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with everything Shawn Mendes does. Not only can he pick up the guitar and write bop after bop, he’s also genuinely the nicest guy around. Finding fame on YouTube at a young age, he’s a seasoned pro at creating viral visual content. So when it comes to the aesthetic and treatment of his music videos, the pop superstar always delivers. With whispers of a new album on the way, there’s no better time to take a look at 10 of our fave music videos from the Canadian crooner.


1. Stitches (2015)

The breakthrough hit that launched Shawn into superstardom. Debuting on his first album Handwritten, the song has racked up a mighty 1.4 billion views and counting. And from all the “like this if you’re here in 2022” comments on YouTube, there’s no doubt it’s going to reach the 2B mark in no time. ‘Stitches’ is pop perfection at its finest, with melodramatic lyrics detailing teenage heartbreak for the first time. In the music video, it appears that his heart isn’t the only thing that’s broken. As he attempts to walk across an empty carpark, he continues to get knocked down by an unseen emotional force. Somebody seems to have borrowed Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, because it’s quite a one-sided fight. He’s definitely gonna need stitches after this one.


2. Treat You Better (2016)

This song takes on a whole new meaning with the music video. Shawn took an extreme approach to portray the idea of someone that consistently chooses a person who constantly hurts them. It’s about more than just jealousy – infuriated at his crush’s toxic relationship; we watch Shawn’s love interest endure both emotional and physical abuse from her boyfriend. It’s a hard watch but an important message, ending with the number for the National Domestic Violence Hotline encouraging anyone in an abusive relationship to seek help. The MV has reached 2 billion views, joining an exclusive list of less than 50 videos to reach this epic milestone.


3. There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back (2017)

The opening line “I want to follow where she goes, I think about her and she knows it,” sets the literal tone for the sweet summer of love between Mendes and his lover (played by actress Ellie Bamber) as they travel all over Europe together. Exploring Paris, Amsterdam and the United Kingdom, they race through side streets, train carriages and coastlines during his downtime on tour. This story arc and aesthetic is Shawn in his purest form. Intertwining supercuts of energetic tour footage with intimate, quiet moments of adventure with his dream girl. There’s nothing holdin’ us back from watching this one on repeat and reminiscing on a time when we could hop on a plane overseas.


4. In My Blood (2018)

‘In My Blood’ is Shawn at his most confessional – it is the first time we hear him reference his personal struggles with anxiety and mental health. The guitar-led power ballad is the lead single from his third studio album and earned him a Song of the Year nomination at the Grammys and three VMA noms for the MV. Shot in just one take, the beautiful composition sees Shawn lying on the ground with calm elemental chaos ensuing around him. Beginning with falling rocks and ending with blossoming flowers, the video is a metaphor that things will be okay in the end.


5. Lost In Japan (2018)

Probably the most fun we’ve seen Shawn have in a music video and we are here for it. For the visual, he does his own take on Sofia Coppola’s Lost In Translation movie, combining both his original version and the Zedd remix. The starry-eyed single details a whirlwind romance with actress Alisha Boe (13 Reasons Why) throughout the neon soaked city. From hotel stays, Lyft trips, and elevator rides to a night of karaoke, if we didn’t have plans tonight, now we do – watching this vid on repeat.


6. If I Can’t Have You (2019)

The adorably lovesick ‘If I Can’t Have You’ is a quintessential track in the Shawn Mendes handbook of pining over a love that is no longer his. Filled with bouncy hooks and a catchy chorus, this one will be stuck in your head for at least six business days. The accompanying black and white music video is what we imagine an average day in the life of Shawn Mendes looks like. Wake up, write a song, reminisce on a relationship, and then work out. Bonus: can you spot the Easter Egg he left paying homage to his hometown of Toronto?


7. Senorita (2019)

‘Senorita’ is the steamy glo up we were hoping for after 2015 collab ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’. From besties to lovers, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello confirmed their relationship on screen as they got a lil hot and heavy. Living out a literal love story, Cabello plays a waitress while Mendes whisks her off into the night on the back of his motorbike after a fateful encounter. The pair shares a romantic dance, but it’s the passionate bedroom scene that set the internet ablaze. Their undeniable chemistry keeps us wanting more. And more we got, irl, until they went their separate ways late last year.


8. Wonder (2020)

Title track ‘Wonder’ from Shawn’s most recent album shows just how far the popstar has come sonically, thematically and visually in just a few short years. The modern power ballad addresses themes of toxic masculinity whilst enriching his musical palette with electronic-pop undertones. Debuting his new long locks, the clip begins with him on a train, then he is transported to a forest where he magically loses his cardigan (we aren’t complaining though after seeing those guns). This is the first time we see Mendes embrace any form of choreography, but he is so in sync with the background dancers you would think he’d been doing it since day one. The climax sees him on the end of a cliff belting out the chorus like he is letting go of any negative emotion he’s ever felt. Big mood.


9. Summer Of Love (2021)

Who’s ready for a hot girl summer? Shawn Mendes teaming up with producer Tainy is a match made in music heaven. And if you thought the song was sexy, the music video is straight fire emojis. The dreamy visual was filmed in Mallorca, Spain and features Shawn and a bunch of his irl friends living it up on a summer vacay. From cruising around in convertibles, eating platter boards on boats, cliff diving into clear blue water, and hitting bar after bar – this crew are going to have a bunch of epic pics to choose from for their Instagram photo dumps.


10. It’ll Be Okay (2022)

Latest single ‘It’ll Be Okay’ is a heartfelt ballad in response to his high profile breakup with Camila Cabello. Paired with a melancholic music video shot in his hometown of Toronto, Canada, Mendes walks through side streets late at night as snow falls around him. The slower pace of this video complements the raw emotion he is spilling in the lyrics, with no one around to hear his heartbreak. He may be lonely, but at least now he is home.


Shawn Mendes new single ‘It’ll Be Okay’ is out now.



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