We might be okay, but we’re not fine at all, because Taylor Swift has finally blessed us with her magnum opus album Red (Taylor’s Version), along with the ten minute version of ‘All Too Well’. Swifties have been eagerly asking for the longer version of the song since 2012, and blondie has delivered.

The song (track 5 IYKYK) was never originally released as a single but became the ultimate fan fave due to its raw vulnerability and heart-breaking story-telling. Taylor herself was even shocked at the initial reaction from fans, speaking to Amazon recently she said, “What was so crazy is when it went out into the world, the fans amongst themselves decided it was their favourite too… This song has really turned into a story of what the fans did for this song.” So now that it is here (and obviously on repeat), how are they doing?   

The best place to start is always the YouTube comments. With one fan saying, “I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I’m a whole air conditioner.” Relatable af. Another went on to say, “THIS… this is art. This is more than I could have imagined or expected… it’s personal, it’s honest, it’s painful and answers every question we didn’t need answered.”

Meanwhile on Twitter, it didn’t take long for “Jake Gyllenhaal” to start trending. It’s no secret that the song references Taylor’s relationship with Gyllenhaal and the trip they took upstate in 2010 where the beloved scarf was lost. After hearing all ten minutes and thirteen seconds of the song with additional lyrics including, ‘And I was never good at telling jokes, but the punchline goes, I’ll get older, but your lovers stay my age’, Swifties have put Gyllenhaal on blast. Here are all of the best reactions, from club nights on TikTok to out-of-the-gate memes.



Kicking off with this one because we all clearly deserve medals. If you haven’t already, put this achievement on your CV.



THIS. It just really sums up that first listen all too well.


@redstan13@taylorswift @taylornation @nicoledoyle__ we were not expecting f the patriarchy🥳 #taylorswift #foryou #fyp #redtaylorsversion #alltoowell10min

♬ original sound – swiffer


This is the visual representation of the above tweet.


@walmartdonnasheridan🧣🤝🧣 #redtaylorsversion #taylorswift #sadgirlfall

♬ All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift


Good morning to Taylor Swift and Swifties ONLY.



Would love to see Taylor’s camera roll right now.



He makes a good point.


@taylorswift #alltoowelltaylorsversion #taylorswift #taylorsversion #red #swiftie #swifttok #alltoowell

♬ original sound – Martin


That whole apartment building is the definition of screaming, crying, throwing up.



This Lady Gaga meme is the gift that keeps on giving.



We love you @taylorswift #alltoowell #alltoowell10min #chicago #scarlet #redtaylorsversion

♬ original sound – Hopi

Delta can you please f*** off so we can host nights like this.


And we can’t forget the Jake Gyllenhaal ones… hope he’s got a good publicist.



She woke up and chose violence when she wrote this song.



In the words of Suzy Cato… see ya, see ya later.



Sorry not sorry.



Mr. Perfectly Fine our unproblematic king!


wait for the end #fypシ #redtv #taylorswift #taylorsversion #alltoowell

♬ original sound – 🧣


TikTok user @_toxicnoodle went full savage mode by playing clips of Jake crying on the big screen during a club night in LA as ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor’s Version)’ was playing.



The ‘Moment I Knew’ stans rise!



Queen of creating a non-sonically-cohesive album.



Joe Alwyn, wherever you are… thank YOU.


And don’t even get us started on the ‘All Too Well (10 Minute Version)’ Short Film… because tbh we’re still emotionally recovering from it.


Listen to Red (Taylor’s Version) and the ‘All Too Well (10 Minute Version)’ below!


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