Let me take y’all back to a wild  moment in time – the year was 2006. Back when Ashley Tisdale’s red carpet looks had us quaking, queen Rihanna was known as the ‘Pon De Replay’ girl and the first High School Musical flick was just about to premiere on Disney. Two sequels & one (amazing) series on Disney+ later and we’re still obsessed with HSM’s iconic soundtrack, even 15 years on…

From the OG High School Musical classics to High School Musical: The Musical: The Series bops, these are some of our favourite HSM tracks!


Start of Something New (HSM1)

Yep, this was a cultural reset. You could just tell from those first few seconds that High School Musical was about to be THAT movie and it didn’t disappoint. Can we also take a minute to appreciate Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett’s performance on VEVO? My heart can’t even deal.

Breaking Free (HSM1)

‘Breaking Free’ is one of those classic High School Musical tunes that need no introduction. It is the moment. Defs need to give props to the HSMTMTS rendition for being everything!


Bop To The Top (HSM1)

All I’m saying is Troy and Gabriella could NEVER pull off ‘Bop To The Top’ and that’s a fact. Sharpay and Ryan were robbed… 😤


We’re All In This Together (HSM1)

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing. ‘We’re All In This Together’ is flawless. Do we even need to say anything else? This has to be one of the BEST songs from the films. Let’s not forget about HSMTMTS‘s version, it’s SO good.


Bet On It (HSM2)

There’s nothing quite as iconic as ‘Bet On It’ from High School Musical 2. HSM3 tried its best to re-capture the vibe with ‘Scream’ but ‘Bet On It’ remains unmatched and unbothered.


Gotta Go My Own Way (HSM2)

‘Gotta Go My Own Way’ walked so ‘All I Want’ could run.


All For One (HSM2)

Can you even call it a High School Musical movie if everyone doesn’t come together for the ending number? I live for ‘All For One’ and a big part of it is Miley Cryus’s literal 1 second cameo… 😂


The Boys Are Back (HSM3l)

How could someone not be obsessed with this one?! From the B-Boy poses to the legendary choreography, I think we’re all still a little jealous of these moves tbh.


All I Want (HSMTMTS)

Way before ‘driver’s license’ reduced everyone to a puddle of tears, Olivia Rodrigo’s first song masterpiece from HSMTMTS put us in our feels. ‘All I Want’ is THAT song and I will not tolerate any slander.

Wondering (HSMTMTS)

Another blessing from HSMTMTS. ‘Wondering’ is a full-on emotional rollercoaster with stunning vocals from Olivia Rodrigo and Julia Lester that just cut SO different.


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