Perhaps nobody has spread themselves so vastly in the music world as much as Halsey. The 25-year-old star has made a name for herself not only individually but as part of awesome musical duos and solidified her status as one of pop’s rising forces. From teaming up with some of the biggest artists in the world right now to the little guys who are just starting out, we take a look at some of our favourite Halsey collabs.


‘Eastside’ – Benny Blanco, Khalid

The magnitude of ‘Eastside’ was massive for several reasons. Not only did it include two of the biggest stars of pop right now, but it was producer Benny Blanco’s official debut of becoming a named artist. Blanco has been in the biz for years being the mastermind behind all of your favourite songs, but ‘Eastside’ allowed him to slap his name onto a record front and centre. And pulling Halsey and Khalid into the mix was definitely the way to debut. As expected, the song was a huge hit and went on to spend a record-tying 45 weeks on Billboard’s Pop Songs radio airplay chart.


‘Him And I’ – G-Eazy

For Halsey fans, the soundtrack to her and G-Eazy’s whirlwind romance now serves as a painful reminder; but for the brief moment where all was well, ‘Him And I’ was really a tune. Showcasing G-Eazy’s quick flow and Halsey’s unique range, the track wrapped up all the best parts of the pair’s relationship and showed what good can come from two musicians in love. Accompanied with a music video that candidly follows the couple around New York City, ‘Him and I’ tells the tale of a Bonnie and Clyde romance that will never die. And it was fantastic, even if we did believe it …



‘Closer’ – The Chainsmokers

Really putting Halsey on the map for more than just her diehard fans to see, ‘Closer’ was a massive hit that became the soundtrack to everyone’s summer in 2016. Featuring one half of The Chainsmokers, Andrew Taggart’s, vocals as well as Halsey’s, the track follows a broken romance that’s relatable in its nostalgia and possibly the catchiest beat you’ll ever hear. ‘Closer’ became both artists’ first number one single on the Billboard 100 and the second song in history to spend 32 weeks in the top 10 of the chart.


‘Boy With Luv’ – BTS

Possibly her biggest collab to date, Halsey and longtime friends BTS joined forces for ‘Boy With Luv’ earlier this year and smashed a few records in the process. The K-pop tune features Halsey’s bubblegum vocals amongst BTS’ harmonies and even includes the star singing a few words in Korean. The music video, which became the most viewed music video online in 24 hours, has aesthetics for days and Halsey slips right into the world of K-pop as if she was born for it.


’11 Minutes’ – Yungblud, Travis Barker

Taking a dive into a new relationship and a new musical genre, Halsey teamed up with Yungblud and Blink 182’s Travis Barker for the pop-punk ’11 Minutes.’ Proving that she can rock any tune, Halsey’s voice blends effortlessly with Yungblud’s distinctive English twang and the two create a heartbreaking record that hits early 2000s emo-pop right on the head.


Kiki Rockwell – ‘Madeline’



‘Without Me’ – Juice WRLD

A publicly adored romance such as Halsey and G-Eazy’s has its ups, but most importantly its downs. One of which being when all is over, everybody knows. And when you screw up, everybody knows that too. Halsey’s hit ‘Without Me’ was the cutthroat break-up track that the world was desperately waiting for, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Laying most of the pieces onto the table, Halsey doesn’t exactly make it difficult for us to finish the puzzle of her failed relationship with the rapper. And just when we thought the track couldn’t get any more emotional, Juice WRLD jumped onto the remix for a verse to really drive the dagger straight through the heart.


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‘Die For Me’ – Post Malone, Future

The themes on Post Malone’s latest album Hollywood’s Bleeding seem to mostly circulate around a vicious break-up and ‘Die For Me’ just might be the most vicious of them all. Halsey jumped onto the track to spit a venomous verse about, well, we’ll just let you assume, and she certainly didn’t hold anything back. Confirming all rumours and whisperings that were surrounding the demise of the relationship, Halsey quips effortless rhymes and yet again falls perfectly into a new genre as if she invented it.


‘Strangers’ – Lauren Jauregui

Halsey’s decision to bring Lauren Jauregui onto her single ‘Strangers’ was easy as she, understandably, wanted a bisexual female to help sing a song about a same-sex female relationship. Referencing the push and pull of a relationship between two women and the loneliness that appears when the relationship fades away, ‘Strangers’ did wonders for the LGBTQ pop community and strengthened the pedestals of two upcoming pop stars.


‘The Feeling’ – Justin Bieber

Back in 2015 when we were all living in Justin Bieber’s world, Halsey jumped onto his album Purpose on the track ‘The Feeling’ and it kind of flew under the radar. Although fans of both artists undoubtedly freaked out, the world had yet to grow accustom to a still-rising Halsey and so the impact was kind of lost. But the song is still just as great as it was back then, and Bieber and Halsey’s voices are made for one another. We can’t help but wonder the power the two collaborating again now would have on the world.


‘Alone’ – Big Sean, Stefflon Don

The remix for ‘Alone,’ off Halsey’s sophomore album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, brought in two big names from the hip-hop world, Big Sean and Stefflon Don. And not only did each nail their verses but they also fell effortlessly into Halsey’s created world that followed a Romeo and Juliet and Baz Luhrmann concept. In fact, the remix is so well put together that it feels as though all three artists made the track together right from the very start.


‘Lie’ – Quavo

Arguably one of the best written tracks on Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, ‘Lie’ features Quavo and discusses themes of a toxic relationship that neither participant can seem to end. Coming in short at only 2:29 minutes, both Quavo and Halsey drop heat in just one verse each with the dramatic chorus between them. For two artists cracking it in the mainstream pop world, they certainly know how to write a poetic duet.

‘Love Is Madness’ – Thirty Seconds To Mars

The strange and unexpected collab actually sounds really, really good. For their latest album America, dropped in 2018, Thirty Seconds To Mars roped in Halsey for the track ‘Love Is Madness’ and created a tune that might’ve fallen through the cracks but has maintained its excellence. Jared Leto’s voice matches Halsey’s unique register perfectly and both artist’s individual sounds are seen as inspiration for the sultry rock track. The two even sparked dating rumours for a split second there, proving just how undeniable their chemistry is.


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