When pop queen Halsey isn’t making delectable beats and tugging at our heartstrings with her emotionally raw lyrics, she’s visually representing her music through her videos. Known for creating stories and bringing characters to life, Halsey’s music videos are real cinematic pieces that help to take her songs to that extra level and cement her role as a true artist.

While we love them all, here are our five favourites.


1. Colors (2016)

A fan favourite tune, the video for ‘Colors’ needed to have significant x-factor and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Saturated in a blue tint with aesthetics for days, a 1950’s-esque world shows Halsey bouncing around in a loved-up bubble. It’s a simple concept, but we’re still not over that massive plot twist.


2. Now Or Never (2017)

Possibly Halsey’s greatest creative concept, the ‘Now Or Never’ music video takes inspiration from the iconic Romeo and Juliet storyline (in particular Baz Lurhmann’s famous rendition) and portrays a struggle between star-crossed lovers. Halsey has fallen into the role of Romeo, with her lover showcasing angel wings just like Juliet’s. This video is the first of a series (‘Bad At Love,’ ‘Sorry,’ ‘Alone,’ ‘Strangers’) that follows the same story and ties together her entire concept for her second album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. It also marks Halsey’s directorial debut!


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3. Without Me (2018)

The incredibly vulnerable video for ‘Without Me’ matches the emotion of the song. Although Halsey explained that the song drew inspiration from multiple relationships, the video seems to zero in on her broken one with G-Eazy. The video follows a dramatised toxic relationship but is created in such a way that it really feels like we’re watching a movie.


4. Nightmare (2019)

Cementing herself as a new generation feminist icon, Halsey pulled out all the stops for her ‘Nightmare’ video. Visually encapsulating all the angry energy from the song, Halsey taps into her pop punk and 90s rock chick roots and plays a multitude of strong female characters. Created by a women-led team and starring cameos from Debbie Harry and Cara Delevingne, this video is pretty hard not to love.


5. Graveyard (2019)

Halsey’s latest music video for new hit ‘Graveyard’ is layered with aesthetics, deeper meanings and easter eggs that have fans (and us) going crazy. Again, representing a troubled relationship, Halsey is seen floating through different worlds and times from carnivals, aquariums and a hauntingly sterile room. Fans have already started to piece together their theories on what the video is really about, what’s yours?