As someone who lurked on Troye Sivan Twitter for a good couple of years with my dedicated stan account, rotating handles and constant teaming up for follow sprees, to this day I know a fair amount about Troye. So this is your advance warning that this is very much not an unbiased ranking, but we’d love to hear your thoughts if you’re a fellow fan.


1. ‘Got Me Started’

A dazzling piece of pure cinema, the video for Troye’s latest single is truly one of his best. As he dances through the clubs and streets of Bangkok in Thailand, whipping out possibly the cleanest choreography we’ve ever seen, we’re reminded of his artistic world building and knack for creating a vibe. Teasing the trailer on Instagram he dedicated this one to “all the Blue Neighbourhood girlies” and we couldn’t agree more.




2. ‘Angel Baby’

‘Angel Baby’ has all the elements of an instant bop. With its lush, 80s-inspired sound and smooth production, it’s authentic, honest and sublime. Produced by pop producer Jason Evigan and infused with his trademark flair, this is the perfect song for summer nights and long drives. One of the more memorable Troye tracks for sure, ‘Angel Baby’ is a level up from Sivan’s past work in multiple ways.




3. ‘RUSH’

Admittedly, my favourite part about ‘RUSH’ was the internet calling Troye an industry plant because.. Where have you been?? This man has been around for years, I fear. Though it’s no surprise ‘RUSH’ blew up in a way some of his past music hasn’t. The danceable beat and cheekily passionate lyricism combined with THAT music video elevate ‘RUSH’ to a new level, and it’s the type of track you could blast on repeat all night.




4. ‘1999’ (ft. Charli XCX)

This electric 2018 track is, of course, 90s-inspired and has all the excitement of a track from that decade. A futuristic pop throwback, the song was teased by both artists in the months before on social media. The cover channels Troye and Charli as Neo and Trinity from The Matrix, sprinkling in yet another reference in its creation. Flashy, intense and high-speed, ‘1999’ is equal parts excitement and nostalgia.




5. ‘My My My!’

‘My My My’ is definitely up there with some of the best from the Bloom era. While Bloom wasn’t necessarily my favourite album (hello, Blue Neighbourhood), there’s no denying the catchiness and hype that ‘My, My, My’ brings to any occasion. Drawing inspiration from Madonna, it’s fresh, joyful and comes across as powerfully upbeat as Troye celebrates the invincibility that comes with the feeling of falling in love.





6. ‘I’m so tired’ (ft. Lauv)

Who out there is sick of love songs? Definitely Troye Sivan and fellow pop Lauv, apparently. Like many tracks of this genre, the song details an unspooling of a past relationship, wrapped up in memorable lyrics and inescapably catchy beats.




7. ‘Strawberries & Cigarettes’

First featured in Love, Simon, this slower song echoing the nostalgia of a past relationship is upbeat instrumentally, but there’s still a hint of almost regret in Troye’s voice. The duality of sweet strawberries and sour cigarettes makes an easy comparison, and the whole tone is bittersweet. It’s got the trademark Troye catchiness though, and remains a favourite of mine.





Slay all day! I feel like there will be a few mentions of Blue Neighbourhood tracks in this listing, but that’s because it may well be peak Troye Sivan. ‘SUBURBIA’  was one of those songs that was part of his rocketing to more mainstream fame, and while it still sounds young, it’s poppy, sweet and refreshing. All of Blue Neighbourhood stays good, but this, in particular, is chef’s kiss. Troye is one of those artists who has almost grown up with his fanbase, and the lyrics encapsulate classic teenage experiences.




9. ‘could cry just thinking about you (full version)

Heartbreak era in fact. One of his slowest songs and also one of his saddest, I think. It’s self-referential, reflective and melancholic, and perfectly captures the feeling of not knowing yourself without the person you love beside you. 




10. ‘Wait’ (From ‘Three Months’)

Troye’s collaboration remains some of my favourite work of his, and this is one of the ones that I played on repeat on release. Gordi’s voice is sultry and melancholic and complements Troye’s in a fashion which is almost soothing despite the fast pace. While I’m not including it explicitly here, ‘Trouble’ from the same film is equally good. Fast-paced, intense and tongue-in-cheek.