Since rising to prominence on The Voice UK, England’s Becky Hill has become an absolute force in the world of dance music. Her powerful and sultry voice has become a gem for EDM artists, acting as the perfect complement to such larger-than-life beats. In fact, without realising her name, you’ve undoubtedly heard Hill’s soul before in a cramped club or in your friend’s summer playlist.

From David Guetta to Netsky, here are our fave Becky Hill collabs.


1. ‘Gecko (Overdrive)’ ft. Oliver Heldens

Originally ‘Gecko’, an instrumental by Dutch DJ Oliver Heldens, Hill jumped on a second version of the track in 2014 and added lyrics to really elevate it to a dance-pop tune. Released as a digital download, the track went straight to number 1 on the UK Singles Chart, making Hill the first ever The Voice UK star to achieve a number 1 hit, and subsequently became the last ever number 1 in the UK to be based on sales alone as streaming numbers incorporated themselves into the charts the following week.


2. ‘Remember’ ft. David Guetta

A recent single from Hill’s upcoming debut album Only Honest on the Weekend, ‘Remember’ is a post-breakup power anthem that sees the star reflect on how she’s doing so much better without her ex. Enlisting DJ great David Guetta, the track is a booming and uplifting reminder to love yourself first. ‘Remember’ landed a spot in the top 10 of the UK Singles Chart, making it the fourth time Hill has done so.


3. ‘Afterglow’ – Wilkinson

The striking collab between Hill and English DJ Wilkinson might just be one of Hill’s best, its oozing drum and bass a staple in the party scene. Becoming a favourite tune for perfume adverts and video games (Pro Evolution Soccer 2015), the hit topped the UK Dance Chart and entered the top 10 for the UK Singles when it dropped in 2013 and remains one of the most streamed songs for both artists today.


4. ‘Wish You Well’ – Sigala

The smooth 2019 dance hit proved that no matter what Hill jumped on, she turned it straight to gold. Featuring a cascade of synths and electronics, ‘Wish You Well’ touches on the growth and maturity that hits you after a breakup and reminds us to always trust our instincts. A groovy track that essentially reads “that happened, time to move on.” The track became Hill’s second Top 10 and went straight to number 1 on the UK Dance Chart.


5. ‘False Alarm’ – Matoma

Written by Hill and produced by Norwegian DJ Matoma, ‘False Alarm’ is a piece of tropical house goodness that’s made to be chanted in stadiums. Hill’s voice is possibly the rawest it’s ever been, showcasing a beautiful voice crack in the chorus that really adds to the overall flair. A bubbling, summery hit, ‘False Alarm’ went to number 3 on the Norway charts and hit the top 15 in Sweden.


6. ‘Nothing Really Matters’ – Tiësto

The 2020 track about “loving each other even if the world is ending” was incredibly fitting when it dropped amidst the pandemic, but Hill admits her and Dutch DJ Tiësto threw around the concept at a writing camp a year prior. But despite its bleak subject matter, the uplifting skips of the hit boosted the world’s morale and gave us something to dance to, even if it was just at home in our bedroom.


7. ‘Piece of Me’ – MK

The deep house hit from American DJ Mark Kinchen pays homage to house music from the 80s while also providing a modern feel with Hill’s standout vocals. Again touching on being a better person after a breakup, the track reflects on the time spent with someone through all the good and bad and how it all just turns into forgotten moments once the relationship is gone. The track hit number 13 on the UK Dance Chart.


8. ‘Hold On’ – Netsky

Another one for the drum and bass fans, 2020’s ‘Hold On’ is a testament to the classic sound Belgian DJ Netsky harbours. Mix Hill’s soulful vocals in there and you’ve got one sweet sounding tune. A slow hum that screams to life at its chorus, the track asks its listeners to just keep persisting in hard times and love troubles.


9. ‘I Could Get Used to This’ ft. WEISS

In her 2019 single, Hill expresses her worry for jumping into a new love right away even though she’s already falling quickly. With production assistance from English DJ WEISS, the track comes to life in all the best parts but still lets Hill shine throughout. Hitting number 9 on the UK Dance Chart, ‘ICGUTT’ is just further proof that Hill is in her era of domination.


10. ‘Lose Control’ – MEDUZA ft. Goodboys

Possibly the hit you know Hills best from, ‘Lose Control’ is a smashing deep house and dance-pop track that absolutely kills. A team of Hills, Italian trio MEDUZA and English trio Goodboys, the track builds like a heartbeat and explodes at its chorus, making it one hell of a great party tune. ‘Lose Control’ reached number 11 on the UK Singles Chart, number 1 on the US Dance Chart and hit the top 10 in 17 countries around the world.


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