On April 13th, Olivia Rodrigo announced to Livies (her official fandom name) that she will be blessing us with her first full-length album SOUR on May 21st. YES, that’s only TWO weeks away. Alongside the title and release date, she also revealed the full tracklist and cover art. And if all 11 songs are anything like lead singles ‘driver’s license’ and ‘deja vu’ then she may as well book an Airbnb at the top of the charts for the next month. 

The tracklist in itself is peak storytelling – we never knew how much emotion a singular word typed in lowercase could hit you. During a recent Instagram live Olivia revealed how proud she is of the project, “The tracklist is my favorite part, I worked very hard on it. I’m so over the moon about it. I love it when people put out tracklists, when my favorite artists put out the tracklist and not the music and I get to imagine what the songs are going to be like, that’s one of my favorite parts about an album cycle.” Challenge accepted. While we wait for the album to drop, there’s no harm in guessing what the other nine songs are going to sound like 🤪



1. brutal

The dictionary definition of ‘brutal’ is “cruel, violent, and completely without feelings.” Way to set the tone of the whole album Liv. This one ain’t going to be a soft ballad, it’s bound to be one of those sad-pop bangers that Gen Z pop stars hold a masterclass in. The lyrics are going to cut like glass, but you’ll be belting them out at the top of your lungs whilst you’re twerking on all fours on the d-floor.  


2. traitor

Well, Olivia has said time and time again that she wants to continue to be “vulnerable” with her fans through her music, so we can probably expect a lot of these new songs to be about ex-boyfriend Joshua Bassett. Will it continue the narrative of him leaving her for a “blonde girl”? Or could it be the complete opposite and a close friend has wronged her? Or maybe the song features musician and fellow cool girl Phoebe Bridgers? Her name on Twitter is “traitor joe” after all…


3. drivers license

Get in loser, we’re going straight to #1 on the charts. Olivia can’t hear his voice in the traffic no more, the only sound she can hear from now on is her songs being played non-stop on the radio. The lead single being track #3 feels right. She’s got rid of her anger in the first two songs, and has hit peak heartache. At least now she can drive through the McDonald’s drive-thru and get 20 chicken nuggets to make her feel better. 


4. 1 step forward, 3 steps back

Our first thoughts when reading this is could it be referencing the love triangle from both ‘driver’s license’ and ‘deja vu’? It is sitting pretty right in the middle of both after all. Whether it is or not, the title suggests it will have some sort of melancholic melody. Nobody is getting very far when you’re having to take 3 steps back for every step you take. Maybe it’s a metaphor for personal growth? Well if she’s tired of walking, she could always use her driver’s license.


5. deja vu

Olivia really went from, “She’s everything I’m insecure about”, to “I hate to think that I was just your type.” We adore that self-love and we’re even digging that little spark of jealousy starting to creep in. The entire song is dripping in sass, and she’s nailed showing that there’s a different side to her artistry than just tear-jerking ballads. 


6. good 4 u

We can already tell that the lyrics are going to imitate a punishing ex bragging about his new girl. And if the sass from ‘deja vu’ levels up to sarcasm, this may just be one of our faves on the record. Olivia did say in a recent Instagram live that she only just finished the album a few weeks ago. Could this be the last song that she wrote? Possibly in response to Joshua’s ‘Lie, Lie, Lie’? Detective Livies even think it could be the next single after Olivia posted a cryptic photo that had the numbers 6 (track 6) and 514 (14th May).



7. enough for you

Confused as to why the naming convention suddenly went from “4 u” to “for you”? So are we. But we’re sure there’s an explanation. This one screams self doubt. If the chorus goes anything like, “Am I enough for you?” then our fragile little heart may just break in two. We hope ur ok Liv.


8. happier

We’re taking a break from our scheduled programming to let you know that Olivia first teased this song on Instagram back in January. In the acoustic demo she sings, “So find someone great but don’t find no one better / I hope you’re happy but don’t be happier.” Aka jump back on the dating apps but make sure they’re no more than a 7 out of 10. 


9. jealousy, jealousy

Just putting it out there, but if anybody is claiming this song it should be the entirety of New Zealand. A day prior to her album announcement, Olivia sent fans around the world on an Easter egg hunt via an email newsletter, piecing together the 11 song titles. And NZ got ‘jealousy, jealousy’. As for what the song could be about? Somehow we don’t think it will reference her green-eyed envy for Lorde’s songwriting abilities, but if it did, could she pretty please feature on the track? 





10. favorite crime

If this one is anything like Taylor Swift and HAIM’s ‘no body, no crime’ then YEEHAW! But if there’s one crime that Olivia has committed lately, it’s not a murder mystery – it’s getting her very first parking ticket. She’s already proved how incredible her songwriting skills are, so if she were to write about such a mundane topic as that, no doubt it would still be a tear jerker. 


11. hope ur ok

Sounds like the kind of thing you’d say if you ran into your ex at the self checkout. Except the colloquial spelling of “ur” could suggest it may have happened over text. This song must be at the end for a reason. It’s tying up and triple knotting all the emotion and heartbreak you’ve felt about a relationship and finally getting to the stage where you genuinely wish them all the best. Wholesome af. But remember sometimes it’s okay to put yourself first… 💓




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