BENEE’s supa-love for snails has given us the BEST thing, a new banger called (as expected) ‘Snail’. Super vibey, super catchy and basically EVERYTHING we didn’t know we needed. But before we dig into the new bop, we thought we’d take a look back at the times BENEE professed her obsession/love for snails… 🐌🐌


BENEE’s retained ALL the snail facts…


I’m pretty sure this is a common occurrence for BENEE. Has to be.


Making this my new wallpaper brb.


Is that a hazelnut or a snail? Yes.

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I want wun

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BENEE dropped this absolute truth bomb on us… snails can’t hear. Our only real option is to stream ‘Snail’ in their honour.


BENEE’s snail-squishing story in two tweets…


Listen to BENEE’s new track ‘Snail’ below!


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