In anticipation of Billie’s new album ‘Happier Than Ever’ (dropping later this week!) – we’re challenging our top Billie fans to a lil’ quiz! How many Qs can you get?? 💛


1. What movie has Billie claimed to have seen 40 times?
2. Billie's track 'My Strange Addiction' samples which episode of The Office...?
3. What is Billie's mums name?
4. Which british artist did Billie open for in 2018?
5. When is Billie's birthday?
6. What TV show inspired Billie's track 'Fingers Crossed'?
7. Which James Bond film did Billie record the theme for?
8. Finish The Lyric: "Maybe I should think about a new career. Somewhere in [?] where I can disappear."
9. What was the first song that Billie wrote?
10. Which Auckland clothing store did Billie film a 'Vintage Spree' at?


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