Since y’all smashed our previous Lorde quiz (in record time lol) we put together a new quiz with a few more trickier Qs! How many can you get this time around?? ✨


1. Lorde provided background vocals on which Bleachers track?
2. At what age did Lorde release her first EP?
3. 'Swingin' Party' from the extended version of Lorde's 'Pure Heroine' album is a cover of a [?] song...
4. Where was Lorde born?
5. How many GRAMMYs does Lorde have?
6. How many Tuis has Lorde won at the Aotearoa Music Awards?
7. Lorde's track 'The Louvre' features additional production from...
8. Finish The Lyric: "We roll in every summer and there's [?] in our numbers"
9. When is Lorde's birthday?
10. Lorde performed with which band for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
11. Which music studio did Lorde record her first EP at?


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