We’ve all got our personal faves ofc (cause ranking anything to do with Taylor Swift is always a super sensitive topic) but what is the consensus from the GP? Since she first hit the scene back in 2006 she’s logged a plethora of music videos with billions of views so high it would break any common calculator. Fast forward to the 1989 era and she became the most subscribed to female artist on YouTube at the time with the top 2 most-watched female videos. Tbh we wouldn’t expect anything less from Tay Slay. From fan favourite ‘Style’ to underrated gem ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ these are the top 10 most-watched Taylor Swift music videos.



10. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever feat. Zayn Malik – 694M


With ‘Love Story’ (525M) and ‘IKYWT’ (452M) hot on its heels, IDWLF just manages to scrape in on the list. Teaming up with Zayn Malik fresh off his departure from 1D, the song did incredibly well, even joining Taylor’s infamous Billboard Hot 100 No. 2 club. 



9. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – 720M


If you don’t wave your hands in the air during the “WEEEEEE” are you even a Swiftie? 🙌 This video was filmed in just one take, and if you didn’t manage to get the squirrel pajamas that she wore in it then your popularity level instantly decreased. Despite making RED not “sonically cohesive” it will always be a timeless classic, and Taylor seems to think so too after she used it as the finale for not one but two of her worldwide tours.



8. Style – 748M

As if any “top 10” Taylor Swift related list exists without ‘Style’ unless it’s her top worse songs (which shouldn’t even be a thing). Although the video received initial mixed reactions, the song itself still went on to solidify itself in fan’s holy trinities without a second thought. Often described as “pure pop perfection”, and even getting it’s very own tweet from Lorde, “that chorus that hits like it should”, ‘Style’ is perfectly paired with a glass of wine and a red lip (classic) even if you’re just alone in your bedroom.



7. Wildest Dreams – 859M

The ‘Wildest Dreams’ music video just confirmed what we already knew, that Taylor always picks the hottest guys to star in her videos. If Taylor with brown hair and putting on an Oscar-winning acting performance isn’t enough to reel you in, then all proceeds from the video going to wild animal conversation efforts will – nice one Taylor 🐘🦁💗



6. You Belong With Me – 1.4B

Don’t pretend like you’ve never used the image of Taylor in her glasses and junior jewels shirt as a meme before. We’ve all been there… it even got a second wind during the pandemic. With a high school story arc full of cheerleaders, mean girls, and bleachers this video is quintessential Taylor at her best. It went on to win her Best Female Video at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards where she gave a great acceptance speech alongside Beyonce. As far as we can remember, nothing else notable happened that night…




5. Look What You Made Me Do – 1.3B

Any more slander towards LWYMMD will not be tolerated. This video well and truly got snubbed… I mean, the self-deprecation scene at the end deserved all of the awards just on its own. After teasing a social media blackout and spine-chilling snakes, LWYMMD was the perfect lead single to kick off the reputation era. Let’s be real, it’s people’s own fault if they never gave the album a chance because of it – they don’t deserve rep anyway. OG’s knew how hard Taylor went on Easter eggs but it was the LWYMMD video that really took it to another level.





Kiki Rockwell – Madeline


4. Bad Blood – 1.5B


Where do we even begin? TAYLENA!!!!! 👭 Okay now we got that out of the way, let’s just kick things off with a reminder that ‘Bad Blood’ alone has won 10 major awards including Video of the Year at the VMAs and Best Music Video at the 2015 Grammys. With cameos galore, badass females ready for battle, and a feature from Kendrick Lamar, it was basically a motion movie picture wrapped into 4mins and 4 secs of pure brilliance.



3. This Is What You Came For (Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna) – 2.6B


Where are the Nils Sjöberg stans at? Taylor doesn’t directly feature on the song (apart from a few sneaky chorus ‘oooh, oooh’s’), but ya know, she did write most of it and birthed the idea, so it counts. And that’s all you really need to know + badgalriri looks fierce af (as always) in the video. 



2. Blank Space – 3.1B


Nice to meet you, where you been? I can show you incredible things… and that she did, with the entire narrative behind not just the lyrics, but how they came to life on screen. Nobody was doing it like her. Taylor’s satirical portrayal of the character the media painted her out to be in her dating life was only just the beginning for her new take no sh*t attitude. As if it couldn’t get any better, her cat Olivia also makes a cameo in the video 😻.



1. Shake It Off – 3.2B


Happy No. 1! Well, it was obvious right?! This feel-good tune and accompanying music video encapsulate the 1989 era perfectly. Remember that blissful time post-RED and pre-Kimye where the GP actually let Taylor breathe??? The fact that she recruited day one fans to be in the video with her is why we love her sm (three of them being my friends 😭). HASHTAG SHAKE IT OFF STREAMING PARTY! 



Seriously… go watch it… thnx 😘☝️


NB: All figures are at time of writing on 15th July, 2020.


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