Long has there been a beautiful bromance blossoming between Lewis Capaldi and Niall Horan. From moments such as Niall asking Lewis to join him on tour…

GLASGOW !!!!! Your local man Lewis Capaldi is coming to play at my shows on Sunday and Monday . He will be on at 7:25 pm , you simply CANNOT miss this fella . He’s phenomenal.

Posted by Niall Horan on Wednesday, March 14, 2018


…to Lewis tweeting about Niall having the best hair he’s smelled in his life…


…and also taking it upon himself to review Niall Horan’s video for his latest track ‘Nice To Meet Ya’.


There’s clearly some chemistry between the two of them. Their friendship has been a hot topic lately, and it has just delivered a new gem for us all to enjoy. Please check out the latest installment in this beautiful friendship below, where the two best buds put their relationship to the test and talk about first impressions, swapping dance moves and a love for chest hair.

You’re welcome.


Collab soon, pls?


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