This week, specifically 25th November, marked the 3-year anniversary of the masterpiece album, Starboy.

In real life, a three-year mark can symbolise being a bit too comfortable and having an urge for change, but this isn’t the case for the 18 tracks within the Starboy album released in 2016. Some would say it’s timeless and a weak spot on the ears, so we continue to play it over and over again. Why has this album stuck around as one of our favourites?

Let’s cover off some distinct highlights.


The Victoria’s Secret Runway Feature

You can’t turn away from the angels. 80’s inspired ‘Starboy’ ft Daft Punk brings you right back to the Victoria Secret show in a matter of seconds. This edgy pop-single had 17 million streams in the first 3 days of release and has Tesfaye sounding like he comfortably owns being the starboy figure in pop music. It contains everything that showcases his known style: drugs, recklessness, sadness and a quest for meaningful love.


Tracks like ‘Party Monster’ just don’t die

Tracks like ‘Party Monster’ just don’t die. Lyrics “I just need a girl who’s gonna really understand” will always be relatable to us. It was released as a teaser to the full album and carries an enigmatic, dark and dirty sound that sparks inescapable interest between the air pods.


The beauty in ‘Reminder’ keeps us listening

‘Reminder’ has a really beautiful flare containing quite a different backtrack for the Weeknd with a little more movement in its range, which makes it a great musical piece for a choreography set – many of which roam the internet. ‘Reminder’ seems to cover off an update on Abels life, fame and his current status in the music industry, in which he has no shame in highlighting other people can’t replace him.


An underrated album gem

‘Rockin’ is probably my personal favourite on the album and of which I believe to be hugely underrated. Big fan of a tune that makes my colleague sitting adjacent to me at work look over at me and give me the eyebrows for bopping my head.


Lana’s feature

Anything featuring the obscure and melodramatic Lana Del Rey deserves to be played 3,6,9,11,150 years later. She’s the perfect addition to most tracks and her appearance is no less than incredible on ‘Stargirl Interlude’. Only problem? It’s too short. I wouldn’t detest to ‘Stargirl Interlude’ having its own concept album, a film interpretation and a graphic novel series.


Kendrick’s feature

The old dark horse, ‘Sidewalks’ featuring Kendrick Lamar accommodates a surprising sting of electric guitar in the intro and we’re here for it. I love love love this tune and a lot of Weeknd fans join me in the pursuit to play it on full blast. The backing track in conjunction with the flow of Abels lyrics truly makes it a sleek groove; a bit more of a controlled track on the album.


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It contains the perfect after 11pm tunes

Sexy soulful tunes ‘All I Know’, ‘Attention’, ‘True Colours’ ‘Six Feet Under’ all go on that after 11pm playlist. Some of Abel’s tracks showcase his seductive vocals better than others. These are my picks. You’re welcome.


The final track leaves good vibes only

The album’s final track, ‘I Feel It Coming’ was slightly overplayed on the radio back in its glory days, but if it were to now make an appearance during a midsummers pool bash, it would draw a nice smile to the lips. It’s a nice change hearing Abel briefly abandon his sad, sultry cave and throw out a bit of a feel-good jam and reminds some of ‘Get Lucky’ by Pharrell Williams.


It’s a winner

Abel’s Starboy album is another extensive win for the singer. Tesfaye is a true trendsetter in the industry with countless artists copy his moody, sad, slow r&b style. I commend this album for breaking free of that slower sound with the risks it takes sonically and instrumentally. Starboy the album has a little something for everybody, and we wish it a huge happy anniversary!

Happy listening.