If you’ve been anywhere near a radio or on TikTok in the past few months, you’ve definitely heard Olivia Rodrigo’s debut singles, ‘drivers license’ and ‘deja vu’ on your car stereo or FYP. Not only has ‘driver’s license’ spent a record breaking number of weeks at #1, it has also inspired thousands of clever covers and parodies. Both tracks perfectly encapsulate the pain of teenage heartbreak, and from the incredible reaction from fans and the Taylor Swift tick of approval it’s clear that this is a universal feeling. So much so that fans have created their own type of crazy fanfiction, similar to how Swiftie’s invented their own characters based on folklore. And we’ve rounded up our favourite ones for your viewing pleasure…


TikTok’s jaxwritesongs ‘driver’s license’ parody of ‘The Guy Behind Her’

Ever wondered who was behind the wheel of the car driving behind Olivia? It certainly wasn’t Joshua Bassett or Sabrina Carpenter. TikTok user jaxwritesongs has offered up a fresh new perspective imagining life as the guy stuck behind Rodrigo. It’s not only sonically stunning but the lyrics are comedic genius – “Did she just get her driver’s license? ‘Cause I’ve been stuck behind her car. Driving three miles an hour staring at the same front yard… Oh god, now she’s crying. I wish she’d start driving.”

@jaxwritessongsDriver’s License from the Dude Behind Her’s Perspective 🤬🤌🏽🚘 #driverslicense #fypシ #foryou #viral song by @livbedumb

♬ drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo


Jerome from TikTok is now known as Olivia’s literal driver’s license

Now you know the perspective of the dude driving behind her, have you ever wondered about the perspective of her actual driver’s license? This is the parody that absolutely nobody asked for, but we are very glad it exists. Thank you Jerome. “And today you drove through the suburbs but left me lying on the couch. And I know you’re heartbroken, but you really shouldn’t drive without me…”


@jeromejarambeDriver’s License from the perspective of the driver’s license. @livbedumb I apologize for this. #driverslicense #oliviarodrigo #hsmtmts

♬ original sound – Jeremy Crawford


ZM’s Bree delivers one of the best vocal performances of ‘driver’s license’ we’ve ever heard…

Someone sign this girl up for the reboot of Popstars ASAP (or don’t)… This one hasn’t quite had the seal of approval from Olivia yet, but we somehow don’t think it ever will 😅 Probably one of Bree & Clint’s best FridayOke’s ever tbh.



Freya Ridings performs a soulful piano rendition of ‘driver’s license’

Okay, so unlike the cover above (sorry Bree), this one is actually flawless. Filmed at The Pool Studios in London, UK born singer songwriter Freya Ridings put a soulful spin with a beautiful piano rendition. This comment on YouTube sums it up best, “hearing her voice is like hearing an angel sing.” Fingers crossed she uploads it onto streaming platforms soon so we can add it to all of our playlists.


Fellow Swiftie Cammi McDermott gets the seal of approval from Olivia herself

The 21-year-old took ‘drivers license’ to the next level by mashing it up with Taylor Swift’s folklore track ‘my tears ricochet.’ It’s no secret how much of a Swiftie Olivia is, and it appears it almost left her speechless, after she simply replied on Twitter with “chills.” 


Kiwi gal Hayley Sproull creates epic sequel titled ‘parking ticket’

Watch out Olivia! She’s got some competition for that #1 spot after ZM’s Fletch, Vaughn & Megan’s Hayley Sproull gave us her parody version of ‘driver’s license’ titled ‘parking ticket’. This comes after Olivia got her very first parking ticket which she shared on Instagram, “Damn this driving s— isn’t all fun and games.”


We have another POV, this time from “the guy that Olivia Rodrigo wrote that song about”

We’ve shown enough love for ‘driver’s license’ but Olivia’s latest single ‘deja vu’ is blowing up just as much. Joeschke from TikTok shares his sassy (but hilarious) take on the point of view of the guy from ‘deja vu’ who is taking multiple girls on the exact same dates – “Weren’t you the one who broke up with me last month? You don’t own getting ice-cream in Malibu” is shaaaaadey af but dw the disclaimer in his caption professes his love for Liv.


This is not my personal opinion on the situation, @livbedumb clearly deserves the world #dejavu #dejavuchallenge #dejavucover #fyp

♬ original sound – Joeschke


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