Back in 2016, One Direction announced they were going on an indefinite hiatus to focus on their solo careers. Three years on and celebrating his 26th birthday, Irish native Niall Horan is on a roll with his successful solo music career. So, what else has Niall Horan been doing in the last three years without the constant spotlight of the One Direction days?


He went backpacking – the traditional way

Immediately following their hiatus, Niall went back to relive those normal college experiences that he missed due to the worldwide success of One Direction: backpacking. Like a true ‘gapper’, Niall and his two cousins backpacked through Asia and Australia on a $40 a night budget. During his years with One Direction Niall Horan got to see the world, but in a very different way. Despite the fact he could’ve stayed in five star hotels the entire way this time around to, the Horan’s took the traditional backpackers’ route and focussed on the experience instead.

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He started his own golf company

Horan also used the downtime to focus his energies on other hobbies and business ventures. In February 2016 he created a golf management company called ‘Modest Golf’ along with Ian Watts and Mark McDonnell who look after a range of world class golfing stars and organise golf events, a sport Horan is passionate about.


Showed fans how sporty he really is

In fact, he’s really been showing his athletic side since working on his solo career. He’s great friends with internationally acclaimed tennis player Novak Djokovic, and is frequently seen cheering him on at his games. Horan has also expressed his love of football and rugby as a patriotic Irish supporter. Horan is often snapped at these games along with his A list friends.


Took on a solo career

Throughout this time though, the music was brewing – Niall Horan officially embarked on his solo career in 2016, taking things in an acoustic folk direction, with a touch of pop reminiscent of his 1D days. Horan revealed he was inspired by the classics he grew up with, like Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles.

Niall Horan shared two singles ‘This Town’ and ‘Slow Hands’ which both achieved success internationally, before sharing his debut album ‘Flicker’ that entered the charts worldwide. Horan followed up this success by embarking on the ‘Flicker Sessions’ tour towards the end of 2017, then came the Flicker World Tour that took him across the globe for the majority of 2018 – solo this time.

Niall has shared with fans how special it was to see all of their personal reactions to ‘Flicker’ – “you really get an insight into what kinds of things get people dancing, what makes them sad and everything in between. So I’ve observed and I’m ready.” Taking this on board, the pop connoisseur has been working hard this year on his sophomore album that he’s been hinting at for a while.


Horan has hinted that fans could be hearing some new material soon, and it’s rumoured that he’ll have a new track coming out as soon as next month titled ‘Nice to Meet Ya’. He also shared four tracks at an intimate listening session in London recently, so get the tissues on hand – there are apparently some tear-jerkers in there.

So, the fresh 26 year old millionaire has been busy it seems, between his sporting business, solo career, and jetting between his luxury homes in LA and London. Keep an ear out for the birthday boys’ smooth vocals and heartfelt tunes in this new material, and keep your fingers crossed that an album is also on its way!