If you’re anything like us, you’ve been dusting off that cowgirl costume you wore to Halloween one year and counting down the days until Kacey Musgraves’ Auckland show on the 17th of May. It’s the first time the country queen will touch down on our shores and if her live performances we replay on YouTube are anything to go by, we can tell that the gig is going to be amazing.

To make sure you’re well and fully prepared for the amazingness, we’ve listed a few things that you could expect to see.

1. A cover or two

Kacey is a huge fan of singing covers during her performances, dipping into some of her favourite songs by the artists that have influenced her. Previously she’s sung the Cyndi Lauper classic ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun,’ the powerful anthem ‘I Will Survive,’ Cee Lo Green’s ‘Crazy’ and a few other hits. So, keep an ear out for a non-Kacey related bop sneaking into the set list.

2. Beauty, fashion and more beauty

We all know Kacey isn’t your average country star which means her shows aren’t your average country performance. Although we aren’t going into the show expecting strobe lights and DJs, we can expect a few beautiful visual elements. Expect stunning vintage fashion with a subtle nod to Kacey’s country roots, colourful mood lighting and an overall beautiful ambience.

3. A lot of Golden Hour

If her latest album Golden Hour is your favourite, and let’s be honest it is, you’re in luck. Judging from previous shows, Kacey’s set lists include mostly all of the tracks from the album. However, expect a few old favourites such as ‘Follow Your Arrow,’ ‘Merry Go ‘Round’ and ‘High Time.’ (These of course are just predictions, so no angry emails flooding in the morning after please).


4. Harry Styles popping in to duet ‘You’re Still The One’

Just kidding! Although wouldn’t that be absolutely insane?!

Harry Styles’ absence aside, we promise that the show will definitely exceed your expectations. So put Golden Hour on replay and watch some live performances to get yourself ready. We’ll see you there!

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