From writing to acting to being an activist, Halsey is more than just an insanely talented singer – the girl knows how to stay busy. Here we take a deep dive into the wonderful life of Halsey to see what she’s been up to lately.


She’s making her Television Debut 

Along with It girl & ‘Euphoria’ star Sydney Sweeney, Halsey is taking a step into the acting world. What’s more, she’ll not only be acting but producing in the forthcoming mini-series ‘The Player’s Table’. The show is based off the 2020 book by Jessica Goodman, ‘They Wish They Were Us’, a juicy murder mystery novel – we can’t wait!


Has a poetry anthology coming out, ‘I Would Leave Me If I Could’ 

Ever the multi-hyphenate, Halsey has ventured into author world. She’s announced her debut poetry anthology, ‘I Would Leave Me If I Could’. She’s revealed that these never-before-seen poems will detail the nuances of her bipolar disorder, love, and life. One of Halsey’s major talents is her ability to be raw, honest, and vulnerable, so there’s no doubt that she will be bringing herself fully to this next project.


Teamed up with Machine Gun Kelly on ‘forget me too’ 

Channelling her love for pop-punk music, Halsey teamed up with old friend Machine Gun Kelly for the collaboration ‘forget me too’ off his new album ‘Tickets To My Downfall’. In a sweet Instagram post, Halsey shared some memories from their years of friendship and shared her excitement for their new punk banger.


Had her birthday & celebrated with a new music video for ‘929’

Turning 26 at the end of September, Halsey honoured her long time tradition of giving her fans a gift on her birthday – isn’t she the best?! This year it was a music video for the personal track ‘929’ from her latest album ‘Manic’. The video is edited together with a string of cute baby Halsey VHS videos while lyrically revealing her inner dialogue that serves as a reflection of her life thus far – “Well who am I? I’m almost 25 / Can’t remember half the time that I’ve been alive”. The music video is a fitting gift to celebrate the arrival of a new age.


She released a deluxe version of Manic 

As if a music video wasn’t enough, on her birthday she also released a deluxe digital version of her album ‘Manic’ to celebrate turning 26. The new deluxe edition was recorded in January of this year and includes studio recordings of tracks like ‘I’m Not Mad’ and ‘wipe your tears,’ in addition to stripped-down versions of tracks like ‘3am’ and ‘Alanis’ Interlude’. With eleven new tracks in total, the surprise album drop made fans feel like it was their birthday too.


Was named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020

Halsey recently hit another milestone – making the prestigious TIME 100 list. With an intro from K-Pop sensations BTS, they shared that she ‘leaves a lasting impression of everyone she meets’. With her successful career in musics and outspoken attitude on human rights, the accolade is more than well deserved.


…And she’s their newest cover star

In addition to making Times’ 100 Most Influential People list, she is also their cover star for their Next Generation Leaders issue. Halsey is known for her remarkable activism work as well as her thriving career, recently establishing her ‘Black Creators Fund Initiative’ that supports underrepresented creators of colour. Halsey shared her thank you on Instagram – “There is no such thing as a perfect activist. Everyone has said something, done something wrong.” With her relatability, hard work, and genuine personality, Halsey really is an inspiration to us all.


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