Let’s be real, sometimes we’ll hear a song, know the lyrics, and not be able to state the artist, songwriter or producer. Which is a lousy habit, and always lends itself to guilt when we’re caught out. In the past few years of knowing how much work, time and effort truly goes behind any creative piece – I’ve vowed to Shazam and take a mental note of appreciation for the talent behind the masterpiece.

So you may have heard the following songs without knowing who’s behind them.

Now you do! Meet HRVY, the young British pop phenomenon who began his career the only way it’s shaped to continue: virally.


Million Ways

This one you may have known because Tik Tok influencer Loren Gray stars in the video. Loren and HRVY have had a long, genuine friendship over the years and the two are often speculated to be in a relationship. What a power couple they’d be! Loren is the most followed account on Tik Tok, and HRVY is rising to fame on a rocket ship – which makes me wonder who’d be the first to order the pre-nup. Anywho, the amazing ‘Million Ways’ video shows Loren and HRVY getting it on (with their dance moves, you naughty thing!) and it’s a delight to watch. Both celebrities play their roles incredibly well.


Younger (feat. Jonas Blue)

Has been a massive hit on pop radio in New Zealand, and you can now put this tune to some faces. It has one of the catchiest choruses I’ve heard in a good minute and thus I apologise in advance to my sweet boyfriend that will get the backlash of round-the-house humming. It’s smooth, bouncy, and more refreshing than the new Fruju flavour in our stores last week. UK’s leading songwriter and producer Jonas Blue and HRVY’s collab has absolutely smashed the summer anthem goal and produced an electric-pop track that will compliment those very fine sunny days.



Has so far, no kidding, had about 258 million streams on YouTube since its release. Again, it features social media personality Loren Gray, who stars as a cheerleader that cheats on HRVY and breaks his heart. Both the song and video take me right back to high school and the beautifully naive relationships that went on during those 5 years. Bless.


Hasta Luego (feat. Malu Trevjo)

How epic is the Latin-pop flavour hidden in the beat of this piece of music. Recently I’ve been all about how fearless and fluid our mainstream music is getting. It really presses cultural and structural boundaries and Hasta Luego is no exception. We’ve seen Malu Trevjo rise as a social media sensation on the app Musical.ly – and her vocals are a real treat when paired with HRVY’s soft melodies. It’s no surprise she has over 7million followers on Instagram – making her the perfect sidekick to our fire-boy HRVY. Together, their song gained over 7 million views on YouTube within a week.


I Miss Myself – NOTD and HRVY

Swedish duo Tobias Danielsson and Samuel Brandt pair up with HRVY on this one. NOTD are just two teenage friends making music that have already casually been featured on the Billboards twice and made it into Spotify’s Top 100 Global Chart. They’ve worked with legends Shawn Mendes, Sia, Alessia Cara, Ed Sheeran and more. In partnering with HRVY, they’ve created a track that describes the story of one losing themselves in their devotion to their relationship. They miss who they were before they met their partner and think it’s time to go their separate ways. I value the bridge that reads “They say two hearts make one heart when both are whole, but two hearts make no heart if one of ’em’s broke”. It’s true – how are you expected to love someone when you struggle to love the person you are when you’re with them.


There’s a few to start you off with, I’m sure I’ll be back to unravel the talent behind more of HRVY’s top hits this year!