Sorry to distract you from your 5th homemade banana bread bake off, but our favourite softly spoken English singer-songwriter we know as Sam Smith has announced their decision to push back the release of their upcoming third album, ‘To Die For’. They have also declared a name change due to the current events. Sam has not put forward any further news on when the album should come out or what the new name shall be.

It’s fair to say this is big news for an artist, to push out a date they’ve worked tirelessly to meet, and to change the title of their masterpiece they’ve been continually teasing to fans on social media. But Sam shows rightful sensitivity to a very uncertain situation for many. ‘To Die For’ would not be a fabulous name to sit on our charts in the current times, and they felt that they “needed to make important changes and additions to the album” before it drops. Bless them. Sam does, however, state the promise of new music in the upcoming few months – and surprise surprise – they’ve just teased a collaboration single with Demi Lovato called ‘I’m Ready’ that comes out this April 17!

The new album has been slowly drip fed to us over the past two years. We’ve had the juicy pop ‘Dancing With A Stranger’ (11 January 2019), heartbroken single ‘How Do You Sleep?’ (19 July 2019), the romantic mid-tempo hit ‘To Die For’ (Valentine’s Day 2020), soundly produced ‘‘I feel Love’ last November, contemporary collaboration ‘Promises’ (17 August 2018) and of course power ballad ‘Fire on Fire’ that drifted into our ears 21 December 2018. I can only imagine what’s to come for the rest of the album. We are all beyond excited here to hear the full record in all of its extraordinary glory – champagne, tissues and UE booms at the ready.

Here’s what the lovely Sam has posted on Instagram re their decision to re-look at the album:

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To my wonderful fans… x

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As the virus sweeps through countries, it’s great to see many artists like Sam show a little kindness, sensitivity and empathy during this time. Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have both helped donate to fans in need, Katy Perry has donated to the charity ‘Baby2Baby’ which helps children and families financially support themselves without a running income. Lady Gaga has joined with advocacy group Global Citizen to raise over $35 million for coronavirus efforts. Elton John hosted the iHeart Living Room Concert in place of the iHeart Radio Music Awards in which many artists including Billie Eilish, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Dave Grohl, Sam Smith, Shawn Mendes and Gaga tuned in to spread a little free entertainment worldwide. Ellie Goulding has spoken out on how to deal with anxiety and paired it with a grueling workout for those at home in need of some motivation.

The biggest takeaways were to focus on the science-based articles rather than fluffed up media, to talk to your friends on the phone, read good books, watch comedy movies that make you smile and duck outside for some fresh local air if you can.

I’d like to address the sheer kindness we’ve also witnessed from the community since the beginning of the nationwide lockdown in New Zealand. Every time we venture outside for a local walk, we’ve got Kiwi’s saying a loud and lovely hello from across the street. I’ve seen supermarket workers go above and beyond with hygiene and patience, friends are checking in on social media, there are mental health resource links everywhere on our Facebook feeds amidst easy cooking recipes and free for all home-workouts. Women’s refuge have launched a platform to ‘donate a safe night’ so that women can come to them for safety and be met with a bed, blankets and dinner. The SPCA have successfully had families take in animals from their facility to look after during lockdown and there’s been a nationwide stuffed ‘bear hunt’ for kids to spot on their local walks. To top it off, Jacinda announced the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny as essential workers.

It’s strange, you know, people – both famous and ordinary coming together in times of crisis – often more than they would do on your general day-to-day basis. It’s the one beautiful thing about disaster, the people standing by your side.  At the risk of sounding naive, I believe there is nothing more important for our survival than how we treat each other. Rather than anger, animosity, and armaments, we need kindness, caring, and communality.

Look after yourself to look after us all team.

Keep spreading the love and see you on the other side. x