It’s been a minute, but our favorite Scottish icon is back on the scene. You guessed it, Lewis
Capaldi has made his reentrance, with a brand new heartbreak styled yet also surprisingly
upbeat track, ‘Forget Me’ and bringing with him bucket loads of that signature humor that we’ve
come to know and love. So without further ado, here’s the best of September – the Capaldi
Chaos edition.

In the wake of ‘Forget Me’ promotion, Lewis has done exactly what we have come to expect by
now. He’s given us a bit of a shock, a lot of laughs, and a classic Capaldi decision – giant billboards
across the UK, because he’s right – that is the way to sell a single.


After a dry spell, we are proud to say our favorite bromance is alive and well. We’ve never been
able to say no to some Louis and Niall content, and this sweet birthday moment just really tugs
at our heartstrings.


Personally, we can’t tell the difference.



You know it’s a Lewis interview when only he could garner us this kind of ambiguous headline.


Whether it’s being annoyed at the length of the Maccas line or eating pretzels on TikTok duets,
we can always count on our man Lewis to bring us the relatable content. He wasn’t once called
the King of TikTok for nothing.


@lewiscapaldi #duet with @errrlend #fyp ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell


@lewiscapaldi #duet with @Iren Coutiel #lewiscapaldi #fyp #kingoftiktok ♬ Forget Me – Lewis Capaldi


“Under qualified buffoon” is definitely going to be my new Instagram biography.




With all that said — Lewis, we are stoked to have you, your classic signature vibes, and that
equally melodic voice, back. We’ve missed you, buddy.