It’s time to get ready to relive the hype, because the Jonas Brothers are coming and they’re bringing The Tour to Auckland on the 27th of February! After stealing the hearts of millions since Camp Rock, the Jonas Brothers have given us more than a decade’s worth of bops that are simply timeless. With six albums in their arsenal (and counting?), there’s always one question that’s asked when they prepare for a tour: What songs will they play?

The answer: All of them!


From the early days of It’s About Time, to making the best of youth with Jonas Brothers and A Little Bit Longer, to tales of love and heartbreak on Lines, Vines and Trying Times, all the way to the historic reunion with Happiness Begins and the latest The Album.

It sounds crazy, maybe even overwhelming, but the Jonas Brothers will be playing all five studio albums in one night, with some sprinkles of their sixth album in between. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or a casual listener, this is one Jonas Brothers concert that you wouldn’t want to miss, because word on the street is the concert is legendary. Truly a cultural phenomenon that you’d want to be part of.

If you need a short refresher, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Get ready to relive the glory days of youth and the joys and pains of being in love with our essential Jonas Brothers tracks.



1. Celebrate

What’s a better way to be welcomed in a concert than by celebrating with them? Fresh from their latest album The Album, ‘Celebrate’ sets the mood for the audience to just have fun, but maybe hold your horses for a bit, because there’s a whole discography ahead that will need a dedicated pouring of energy.




2. S.O.S.

With the sound of that iconic guitar riff, best believe that Spark Arena will hear its loudest screams so far because ‘S.O.S.’ will make the crowd absolutely wild. You’ll want to start jumping and waving your hands in the air while chanting the lyrics like an unforgotten gospel from your days as a teenager. ‘S.O.S.’ is the certified banger from their early years that really cemented their name in the music industry, almost like telling the world that they’re not just some Disney Channel boyband, but artists who are here for the long run.





3. When You Look Me In The Eyes

‘When You Look Me In The Eyes’ is one of the Jonas Brothers’ lasting legacies, almost enough to be in the ranks of the classic love songs of all time. Nostalgic and powerful, the ballad is definitely a crowd pleaser, but not in the way you think. It’s a message about bringing people close to those that they love, after all. ‘When You Look Me In The Eyes’ has left a lasting impact on fans and the general audience alike. There’s no doubt that singing this together with the brothers will be a moment to cherish for a lifetime.





4. Lovebug

‘Lovebug’ is the classic love song for teenagers around the world. If you don’t know ‘Lovebug’, then have you really been head over heels for someone when you were still a little champ going through puberty? Be it a simple crush, a yearning for someone who put you in the classic “friendzone”, or what most people call “situationships” nowadays, ‘Lovebug’ is one song you’ll be singing line-by-line to. There’s no need to be shy about reliving those teenage years, because thousands will sing along with you.

If you’re lucky, one of the brothers will come down from stage to dedicate the song to you, as they’ve done in other stops of their tour.





5. Burnin’ Up

Picture this: You’re halfway through the concert, and your voice is close to cracking after belting out almost half the Jonas Brothers discography before one final wave of musical adrenaline shocks you back into insane energy levels. That’s what ‘Burnin’ Up’ will do right before a well-deserved intermission. The iconic pop-rock track from their third album will probably even make you want to jump up on stage to dance! ‘Burnin’ Up’ is the catchy single that you’ll want to save your energy for, because anyone who’s ever been to a Jonas Brothers concert knows the kind of burning fuel this song brings to light everyone on fire.





6. Waffle House

The second single from The Album, ‘Waffle House’ is a sweet song about family that’ll have you dancing and grooving. It’s really such a simple song, but imparts a profound message of family and camaraderie, and really showcases how much the band has grown as a group and as individuals for over a decade.





7. Turn Right

It’s not all pop and rock for the concert. Expect emotional ballads here and there, and ‘Turn Right’ is the one ballad that connects to you on a personal level. It’s raw and relatable, because whether it be romantic or familial love, a deep friendship or an acquaintance you wish you could have known better, ‘Turn Right’ is a song of parting and a message of hope that one day we’ll rekindle with the people who’ve come and gone.





8. Jealous

While it’s a concert for the Jonas Brothers, some solo tracks have been part of the setlist for the tour, because really, their hiatus is an essential piece of history that’s made the band what they are today. Nick’s ‘Jealous’ is one song that’s had a resurgence after almost seven years since its release, becoming a popular social media and TikTok trend, further strengthening the connection between Millennials and Gen Z alike. Hard to believe the song’s almost ten years old! It’s also a really difficult song to sing, and to watch Nick’s delivery live will be a moment to never forget.




9. Cake By The Ocean

The funky fresh song by DNCE, Joe’s band during the hiatus, also finds its way to The Tour’s official setlist. It’s a classic pop singalong that you don’t really have to think too hard about. You’ve surely heard this pop classic once in a while on the radio. It’s catchy, silly even, and the song’s all about good vibes. Really, you just have to let everything go and just enjoy the song with no reservations.





10. Sucker

When ‘Sucker’ was announced, this was one of the core “you just had to be there” moments of the generation. After a long hiatus, the brothers came back with what’s probably their most popular song yet, breaking the internet and topping the charts. It’s a certified bop, that’s for sure, and it’s almost impossible to come into a Jonas Brothers concert without even knowing ‘Sucker’!




Ten songs just doesn’t cut it for a discography of more than 60 songs, but these are definitely the must-knows. It might sound overwhelming, but it really sparks the curiosity of how they plan on creating such a feat.

It’s not too late to join pop history in the making with the Jonas Brothers! If you get the chance, block out the night of the 27th as they rock it out at Spark Arena! Find tickets here.