Ah, King Kendrick. For all the awards, notoriety and just out-of-this world talent that this man has, he
should be anything but Humble.

To listen to Kendrick’s music is not just to use one of our senses, it’s a full body experience. It’s no
wonder that three of his albums have been listed in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

In celebration of his newest album Mr Morale & the Big Steppers’ release, let us take you back on an all
inclusive journey through his best tracks.


10. All the Stars (ft. SZA)

If this was on the soundtrack for every Marvel movie, you’d find us sleeping outside for every one of
their movie premieres. That’s how good it is. Play this banger at a house party and trust us, every
friend group will be sure to mingle on the dancefloor. And it’s for good reason.


9. u

‘u’ is a cinematic experience. There’s no other way to describe it. Here, Lamar recounts a dark night
in a hotel room, face-to-face with the contrasts of his old life with his growing fame. It’s one of the
peaks of his poetic-abilities and a reminder of why the Harvard Library has To Pimp a Butterfly



Pride feels like the soundtrack for a stride. Not just a little lockdown walk through – oops, wait,
we’re out of that sorry… It’s music for getting off the plane into a new city, one that’s your new
home. Ugh, look at us out here writing poetry like Kendrick. Also, make sure to listen out for the
slight psychedelic influences on this track…



7. Money Trees

Fun fact: Beach House’s Silver Soul is sampled on this song. That’s the fun in Kendrick’s discography,
the more you look, the more tiny details you find. We could spend all day talking about this. Anyone
out there want to give us some seeds for a money tree to do so?


6. Ignorance is Bliss

An early track from Kendrick, and a major favourite of ours. It was one of the world’s first
introductions to our King. Oh and did we mention, the title might just be our life’s mantra…

5. LOYALTY ft. Rihanna

We’re more likely to get the perfect lipstick from Rihanna more than music these days. But,
replaying this banger over and over helps keep our dream alive. Swerve, swerve, swerve into the
weekend with this tune.


4. King Kunta

There’s a reason why this song is a classic. Don’t question it.


3.The Blacker the Berry

Titled after a famous novel by Wallace Thurman, The Blacker the Berry is a reminder of how genius
Lamar is. And luckily, we’re able to steal some of those damn well-read brain cells. Listening to
Kendrick’s music feels like reading both a memoir and a history book. Forget about BookTok, these
are the only recommendations you need.


2. DNA – Kendrick Lamar

I got, I got, I got… Every white boy (and us) wishes they could utter this opening line as smooth as
Kendrick. Also, let us introduce you to how fire Kendrick’s 2017 VMA performance of this is? If you’re too lazy to click on the link — this performance is not just fire in a yell-the-lyrics way, but in a stage
exploding way. Oh, and there’s ninjas.


1. The Heart Part 5

Alas, King Kendrick is back and out here reminding us JUST how much we’ve missed him. Oh and
showing everyone why he holds a Pulitzer Prize (fancy-shmancy writing award). The Heart Part 5 is
Kendrick at his best, taking down those at the top of the status quo with whip-quick lines. God, how
have we survived the last five years without him?


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