To celebrate the highly anticipated release of Post Malone’s latest album Twelve Carat Toothache, we are taking you on a hype-filled ride down memory lane.

The best thing about Posty’s music is in his ability to continue surprising fans far and wide with his adaptability. He can spit a great verse, yet also make you cry with his damn vulnerability at the same time.

So, there’s no better way to celebrate that than by showcasing his top live performances throughout the years. This list also makes for a great handbook to convert any Postie cynics. Warning though — this is in no way ranked, cause this man is too damn talented for that.

Let’s begin!


1. ‘Circles’ (Live on the Runaway Tour)

We’re starting strong guys. Best thing about this performance? The way that it sounds like he’s right next to us. Hollywood’s Bleeding but our hearts are definitely gushing more blood. For anyone who tells you they’re not a Posty fan, show them this performance. It speaks for itself.


2. Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol (Live on Saturday Night Live)

The choir-ification of this track is insane. ‘Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol’ is our intro to Post’s upcoming album. This track is a little puzzle piece of his upcoming evolution as an artist. And god, it’s gotten us HYPED. Warning though, the drums in this performance will stay in your head all day.


3. I Fall Apart (Live from the Bud Light x Post Malone Dive Bar Tour Nashville)

“This next song is dedicated to the nasty girl that broke my heart”. Is this opening line not a potential viral TikTok sound or what? Ugh, what we would give to be at a dive bar with Austin. You can really hear the pain and anger in his voice during this performance. It’s amazing because when a normal person feels any of those emotions, they just end up sobbing openly in the car, right in the view of the car in front of them… Guess that’s a performance of its own…


4. Feeling Whitney (Live at Kaaboo Del Mar)

You know those songs which simply sound better live? ‘Feeling Whitney’ is undoubtedly one of them. This performance is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences for a fan. I mean, do you hear how silent that crowd is? You can really feel them focusing on what truly matters — the music.


5. Rockstar (Sziget Festival 2019)

If the last performance shows Posty in his vulnerable form — this is him at radioactive potential. His energy here is fire. If you’ve ever had friends leave to go on their OE, you’ll know that Sziget is just one of those festivals which every Kiwi ends up going to. This makes us even more jealous of anyone who got to see this live.


6. Sunflower w. Swae Lee (TD Garden)

The top comment states “my man not only perfectly filmed the whole performance but also caught a sunflower thrown by post Malone”. And honestly, that’s the greatness of this video summed up. Imagine uploading your concert video and having it get over 6 million views. Our shaky hands could never! But there’s a reason why this one did, watch to find out…


7. Stay / Rockstar / Dark Necessities w. Red Hot Chili Peppers (61st GRAMMYS)

Post has collaborated with many of our favourites in the past. From the Biebs to Kehlani, they’ve all served us bangers for dinner. This performance with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers though makes us question our brains. Because how did we not know we NEEDED this sooner? This performance is a reminder of why we love Post so much, it’s his openness to all music.


8. Full Set at Gov Ball 2018

The crocs, the crowd, the vibes are simply immaculate. This hour-long set will have you dancing as if you’re at Gov Ball yourself. Re-watch this enough times and you might just trick yourself that it’s the steaming hot New York summer air making you sweat, not your electric blanket on high.


9. I’m Gonna Miss Her (Brad Paisley Cover)

We felt like Indiana Jones embodied when we discovered this treasure. Post’s voice is like a bar of gold, solid under any genre. He even rocks the country twang without an ounce of ick. Might we just add, his voice at about 1:57 sends our heart rate as high as it does whenever ‘Congratulations’ comes on.


10. Better Now (Reading & Leeds 2018)

Trust us, there’s nothing quite like a British festival crowd to get you hyped. And that’s exactly where we need to leave you. Posty’s latest album in three (long) years comes out this Friday, so we better see you as hyped as this crowd for it all week long!


Post Malone’s newest album Twelve Carat Toothache comes out this Friday June 3rd.