Oh 2020, what a curveball you have thrown us all. This was definitely not the year we expected as we yelled out the New Year countdown, leaving all of our worries and bad habits behind in 2019 – or so we thought.

It’s safe to say we all deserve to let our hair down at the end of this year by celebrating in true style, and what better way to celebrate than looking back on 10 of the best pop hits that sum up 2020.


1. BENEE – ‘Supalonely’

Ah yes, the TikTok queen herself. If you haven’t jumped on the TikTok bandwagon like the rest of us (are you ok?), do yourself a favour and download the app right now. BENEE has taken the world by storm with a music style most commonly described as alternative pop. Clearly it’s a vibe that listeners love as her most notable achievements include almost ten million TikTok videos made to her single ‘Supalonely’, millions of streams, the most added song on the U.S. Top 40 radio and a collection of platinum records in New Zealand – 2020 is most definitely the year for BENEE. Due to the current circumstances we haven’t had a lot of chances to see her live so this summer festival season we are in for a treat. Calling all Rhythm and Vines and Rhythm and Alps festival goers, she is not an act you’ll want to miss!


2. Lewis Capaldi – ‘Someone You Loved’

Despite the common theme of his music being about sadness and heartbreak, Lewis Capaldi is surprisingly an extremely funny and sarcastic type of bloke. If you ever get a chance to check out his hilariously entertaining TikTok videos we promise you will not be disappointed. In addition to his comedic talents, Capaldi has a voice that will get even the most apathetic of people in their feels. There’s no doubt this track has blessed your ears at least once during 2020, it’s the type of hit that will have you thinking about your ex… even if you don’t have one. ‘Someone You Loved’ was nominated at the Grammy’s for Song of the Year and won the 2020 Brit award for Song of the Year, a great feat for the 24-year-old Scottish native whose career took off only three years ago. It’s safe to say this is only the beginning for Capaldi, and we can’t wait to see what content he has in store for 2021 – both TikTok and music alike.


3. Doja Cat – ‘Say So’

Multi-talented Doja Cat not only sings in this popular hit but surprises us with her rapping skills as well. The track is yet another outcome of the TikTok dance bandwagon with many fans replicating the same routine. Doja Cat (A.K.A. Amala Dlamini) originally began making music as a teenager back in 2014, however her most recent success came from ‘Say So’ which topped the Billboard Hot 100. The track further amassed popularity when a remix featuring Nicki Minaj surfaced, also reaching the Billboard Hot 100 and becoming the first number-one single for both artists. The hit has an almost nostalgic feeling to it as it takes us back to the infamous mid-year lockdown, a fitting track to reflect a very memorable time of year.


4. Halsey – ‘Without Me’

Released in 2018, Halsey’s ‘Without Me’ has proven to be a chart topping hit with its success still ongoing throughout 2020. Halsey fans will know the track has a personal meaning to the singer as it is speculated to be about former boyfriend G-Eazy, with even the music video featuring a “G-Eazy lookalike.” The song itself talks of a relationship breakdown and being taken advantage of by your partner. Although Halsey disputes that it is about her ex, she does go onto say the song is a reminder that “you shouldn’t allow others to take advantage of you.” Whoever it’s about, the track has clearly resonated with fans as it went on to become Halsey’s most successful single. In 2019 a remix was released with Juice WRLD which was received well by both sets of fans, with both tracks fitting into 2020 quite well into what has become the year of reminiscing.


5. The Weeknd – ‘Blinding Lights’

Hit after hit, The Weeknd knows how to provide the tracks that make you want to get up and dance. ‘Blinding Lights’ is no exception to this with the catchy tune bringing a modern spin to an 80’s disco vibe. Although some of its success can be credited to TikTok, there’s no doubt The Weeknd has the kind of talent that is simply unforgettable. Noted for its eccentric music style, the song is often referenced as the perfect soundtrack for key cinematic moments, with one fan describing it as “the type of song that a car will go off to the sunset in the ending scene of a movie.” With 2020 seeming like it was pulled right out of a Hollywood thriller movie script, we couldn’t think of anything more perfect to listen to as we finish off what was an extremely eventful year.


6. Taylor Swift – ‘Cardigan’

There’s no way we could forget the iconic album drop of folklore this year. Taylor Swift does a perfect job of keeping her fans on their toes as she provides not one, but two surprise albums including the most recent release evermore. It’s certainly a T-Swift like we’ve never heard before as she moves away from her classic country/pop sound to a more alternative/indie kind of vibe. She’s an artist like no other as she keeps her music relevant and exciting, which fans and critics are clearly lapping up with the album and it’s songs receiving five nominations at the recent Grammy Awards. The lead single ‘Cardigan’ provides a great insight into the relaxed atmosphere and meaningful lyrics that are constant throughout the rest of the album. Despite the events, there’s no doubt 2020 was the year for T-Swift as she provides the perfect calming tempo for what is a very stressful time for many, thanks Tay-Tay for having our backs!


7. DaBaby and Roddy Ricch – ‘ROCKSTAR’

Yet another artist that has peaked this year, DaBaby has been making moves these past 12 months with a range of hits to his name. ‘ROCKSTAR’ is a classic example of this which was released back in April and has since spent seven non-consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 100, and yep you guessed it, another TikTok hit. The chart-topping single features a touching tribute to DaBaby’s daughter, showing a more emotional side to the rapper. In addition to his own tracks, DaBaby has also been a prominent feature on many artists songs including the likes of Camila Cabello and Dua Lipa. It’s clear there is a lot more to come from the artist as he continues to provide catchy tunes for his fans.


8. Justin Bieber – ‘Yummy’

After an almost year-long hiatus, Justin Bieber re-entered the music scene in January 2020 with his hit single ‘Yummy.’ It is his first single as a solo artist to be released in almost four years, and to say we are eternally grateful for his return would be an understatement. It has been a tough time for our favourite Canadian pop-star as he took some time out to focus on his “family and health,” which he says needed to take priority while he works through some deep-rooted issues. Returning with this popular hit brings back a fun and happy Bieber that we have missed since the last release of his single ‘Company’ back in 2016. ‘Yummy’ comes from Bieber’s latest album Changes and is believed to be a track dedicated to wife Hailey Bieber and their well um, intimacy… you get our drift. No matter what the subject is, we’re sure all our fellow Bieber fans are just stoked he is back in the game, thank you 2020 for this one bit of good news.


9. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion – ‘WAP’

Just from the title it is fairly obvious this hit has some very R rated themes, but even so it is arguably one of the most catchiest hits of the year. A smash on the TikTok scene, ‘WAP’ broke the record for the largest opening streaming week for a song in US history. The hip-hop track is the type of song that will get all Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion fans on the dancefloor within seconds – you bet we’ve all tried the famous ‘WAP’ dance. Despite some critics labelling it as too explicit, many people praised the track and music video for its sex-positive message. The video clip features a variety of women from different cultures, including the controversial appearance of reality TV star Kylie Jenner. Many fans complained about the appearance of Jenner saying that she did not fit into the rest of the demographic of the video and should have been excluded. Cardi B defended this by stating “Why did I put Kylie on my music video? She treated my sister and daughter so lovely at her kid’s bday party.” Despite its controversy, there’s no doubt the track has a fun and flirty vibe to it that many fans enjoy, which is the kind of energy we need right about now.


10. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande – ‘Rain On Me’

In our final attempt to turn the negativity of 2020 around, we present you: ‘Rain On Me.’ The upbeat hit will have you dancing around your room, ready to take on another trip around the sun. A collab that we absolutely adore, both Gaga and Grande bring an inspiring energy to the song that can only be sourced by two incredibly talented artists that have obviously been through a lot during their careers. Their voices create a seamless mix of booming notes that create an impact from beginning to end. Despite the catchy vibe, the track has a somber meaning behind it as Gaga describes it as “a monster dance tune, but its message is about submitting yourself to devastation.” With that theme in mind, the song is a fitting way to finish our 2020 playlist, it has been a hard year for us all so let’s dance the remaining days away and look forward to a brighter 2021 (touch wood).


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