In seven days time on November 26th, SIX60 will add another accolade to their ever-growing list – a 90-minute documentary labelled ‘SIX60: Till the Lights Go Out’. According to film producer Julia Parnell, the film will capture the band as you’ve never seen them before.

If you’re not already excited, let’s take a look at 10 reasons why we can’t wait to see the film.


1. The Nostalgia 

SIX60’s inter-generational appeal has allowed so many Kiwis to have their own unique memory of the band. It’s hard to believe they only emerged on the scene around a decade ago! While a new generation of fans enjoy hit songs like ‘Please Don’t Go’, ‘The Greatest’ and ‘Special’, there are still those OG’s out there hanging onto the likes of ‘Rise Up’, ‘Finest Wine’ and ‘Green Bottles’. Regardless of when you first heard Six60, the film will be sure to bring back plenty of special moments and summer feels!


2. New Music

It’s been just over a year since SIX60 released their third self-titled album. This will sureeeely mean we get a glimpse into some new music in the film! Just last week, the band released a new track called ‘Fade Away,’ their first release of 2020. Hopefully that’s a sign of good things to come, and we will be treated to some more teasers in the doco.


3. Behind the Scenes

We all know and love the high-energy, enthusiastic, extremely talented SIX60 – but it wouldn’t be a documentary without a look behind closed doors. There are so many questions to be asked about the band when they’re not touring, how they go about the creative process, what they do in their spare time and so much more! It’s all cheesy grins on stage, but like all good friendships, there could be a bit of niggle away from the public. Hopefully, there will be some more insight on all of this in the film.


4. Past Members

Did you know SIX60 bassist Chris Mac hasn’t always been in the band? The band was actually founded by original bass guitar player Hoani Matenga, who lived at 660 Castle Street and flatted with other members of the group. You may be left thinking, how could you leave SIX60? Well, Matenga happens to be multi-talented, having played professional rugby ever since he left the group – representing the Maori All Blacks in the process!

In a nod to their past, Six60 brought out their former bandmate Matenga on stage in 2019 for Don’t Forget Your Roots, arguably their most iconic song, with an iconic bassline that Matenga created.


5. From Full Flats to Full Stadiums

‘SIX60: Till the Lights Go Out’ will feature plenty of footage from the band’s early days playing gigs in packed out, sub-standard flats on Castle Street before they made it. No doubt, it will capture the essence of Dunedin’s student culture.

Ten years on, rather than playing in front of a few hundred mates they’re playing in front of 50,000 at Western Springs, on the same stage as Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac and Elton John all once performed on.


6. Behind the Band 

We see them all over our social media, hear them over the airwaves, and join them in person at concerts, but who really are SIX60?

Lead guitarist Ji Fraser and his wife Jacqui recently gave birth to their second baby Luccia, Chris Mac owns a bar in Auckland, and Matiu Walters loves boxing in his spare time.

We’ll be sure to learn more about their private lives in the film!


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7. International Appeal

While the band spends most of the New Zealand summer performing here, they often spend their winter overseas.

Back in 2013 SIX60 signed with Sony Music Germany which saw them based overseas for a while, trying to crack the international market. Since then, they’ve played in front of sold-out crowds in England, Australia and the United States, giving ex-pat Kiwis a taste of home – but also introducing new people to their music!

Hopefully, it won’t be too long until they can start touring the world again!


8. Unknown Classics

Most people are aware of SIX60’s first album featuring the shiny gold cover, which sold thousands of physical copies.

However, before signing their first deal, the boys recorded their own seven single EP. While it’s hard to get a hold of those songs now, you can still give them a listen on YouTube. Check it out!


9. Concerts we forgot about

Was it R&V in 2011, at Homegrown in Wellington, or maybe Hagley Park in 2016? There have been so many opportunities to see SIX60 play live over the years, many of which are easy to forget about!

Hopefully, there will be some throwbacks throughout the documentary, letting us fans reminisce on some of those special moments. You might even see yourself in the mosh-pit in the Forever music video…!


10. Where to next?

It must be hard for SIX60 to work out what is next for them now that they’ve achieved so much as a band. Just last week, they broke another NZ record, for their second album spending 298 consecutive weeks in the music charts. A record held by Pink Floyd, since 1973!

For a while now, they’ve been teasing fans about being the first band to ever play at our national stadium, Eden Park. While the Auckland Council is yet to decide whether that can go ahead, it would be something else to add to their pretty extensive list.


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SIX60:Till The Lights Go Out opens in theatres in NZ and Australia on November 26th.


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